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Check Out the Latest in Decking Ideas


One way to get decking ideas that go far beyond the basics is to see what recent projects have done to express creativity and solve problems. Simply browse through the NexGEN Gallery.

Between the three categories of composite decking —Advantage, Premium and Select — you will discover seven contemporary colours. While looking through the capped composite colours for examples, you may find yourself getting design ideas as well. This illustration of our Advantage Capped Composite Decking in Aspen also reveals a nice contemporary take on glass balustrading.

As you look through the Premium Capped Composite collection, you see not just exciting colours, but attractive design ideas created to solve real-world challenges, such as this attractive decked pathway above bold stone landscaping. The new images here, photographed at recent projects, are chock full of practical solutions.

By the time you are reviewing the three kinds of Capped Composite in seven colours, you are sure to be picking up an appreciation for the best quality decking materials as well as filing away design appreciation for a staircase with decked landings.

Similarly, look through photos of our three types of Aluminium materials – the Aluminium Decking, DryDeck and DryJoist illustrations. You will find not just the look of the product – which of course can be painted to your specifications – but useful examples of installation problem-solving and reassuring construction images for the DIY builder.

Check Out the Latest in Decking Ideas
Check Out the Latest in Decking Ideas
Check Out the Latest in Decking Ideas

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