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Advantages of Capped Composite Decking over Wood Decking


Modern capped composite decking offers many advantages over wood decking, especially in the area of maintenance.

Wood: once a living organism made up of cells, even though long “dead”, continues to expand and contract with changes in moisture content. No matter if the wood was kiln dried, no matter how you seal it, water vapour will get through the finish and into the wood, causing it to swell. Because it swells faster in some areas than others, wood will cup, warp and twist. Wood exposed to the radical changes in weather: soaked by rain in the morning, baked by the sun in the afternoon; for example, expands and contracts quickly. This rapid movement can, if fastenings don’t allow for movement, cause the wood to crack and split.

Filling splits, sanding down rough, splintery wood and sealing the woodwork is an ongoing maintenance chore. Some prefer the natural beauty of wood, but all wood will silver out due to the weathering effects of sun and rain. Once silvered out, the appearance is not much different from grey composite decking.

In NexGEN’s capped composite decking materials, expansion, contraction and warping are negligible because the material is made mostly of plastics and resins. These materials do not absorb water, never need refinishing, and very rarely change colour. The NexGEN capped composite decking that is being produced today is actually made from recycled plastics, which keeps a lot of what would otherwise be rubbish out of the landfills and water bodies.

By using NexGEN capped composite decking you are significantly reducing your future maintenance headaches and making a “green” choice by using recycled materials and avoiding timber that requires cutting and milling trees.

Sealed timber decking tends to be slippery when wet, but grain textured capped composite decking needs no sealer, so it has a natural non-slip surface while emulating the look of wood grain.

Non-slip, no sanding, no painting, no sealing or staining. No cracking, no termites, no mould, no mildew, no worries (and you’re doing something good for the environment).

Also don’t forget about the 25 year stain, fade and performance warranty with NexGEN’s capped composite decking.

What could be better? To learn more about NexGEN decking, please contact us.

Advantages of Capped Composite Decking over Wood Decking