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Composite Decking Price Calculator

Composite Decking Price Calculator

Estimate the cost of your decking project with our pricing calculator

NexGEN Capped Composite Decking by Fiberon is the first multi-chromatic and embossed decking board product, the first hidden fastener system, and the industry’s first stain and fade warranty for capped composites. We have representatives in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide and can deliver Australia-wide.

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Prices include hidden fixings and screws.

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Composite Decking Cost Calculator

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How Much Does Composite Decking Cost?

If you’re in the market for a new backyard or alfresco deck, you may have heard of composite decking. And the first question you likely have is about composite decking prices. This article will cover the ins and outs of composite decking and how much you can expect to spend.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is one of the most popular alternative decking materials to natural timber decks.

This engineered decking product is made from a mix of wood fibres, plastic, and a small number of bonding agents, including timber pulp and recycled plastics. The wood pulp and recycled plastic are mixed and combined with resins to make the core of the composite decking boards, whilst a polymer is used as a capping on the boards, much like a golf ball has a solid outer cover.

The mixture is heated and extruded into board-shaped lengths before it is cooled to set. Capped composite decking requires far less maintenance than traditional timber decking boards while looking and feeling closer to natural wood than other plastic alternatives.

Some of the most significant benefits of capped composite decking over traditional timber decks include the following:

  • Low maintenance: Unlike timber decks that require regular sanding and refinishing, the only maintenance you will need to worry about with your capped composite deck is sweeping and the occasional hose-off or pressure cleaning.
  • Appearance: Capped composite decking can look as beautiful as natural timber boards but is guaranteed not to fade, stain, warp, twist, splinter or rot.
  • Durability: Capped composite decks are very strong, even though they’re made of plastic and pulped timber.
  • Scratch, stain, and mould-resistant: While it is possible for your capped composite decking to become scratched or stained, it’s not easy. These decks are highly resistant to scratching, staining, and mould, thanks to how they are engineered and manufactured.
  • Waterproof and fireproof: Don’t worry about water rings leaving marks on your capped composite deck; most of them are completely waterproof! You can also purchase fireproof composite decking boards if you live in an area with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating.
  • Made from recycled materials: Composite decking is typically made of recycled materials and does not require logging or virgin plastics in the manufacturing process.

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Composite Decking Prices

The durability and low-maintenance surface make capped composite decking an excellent investment. Choosing the right decking board is the key to building a beautiful, safe, and long-lasting composite deck. While low-quality wood decking or uncapped composite decks might save you a bit of money upfront, in the long run, you’ll pay much more for maintenance, repairs, and replacements of low-quality, rotting, damaged, and even termite-infested decking.

To estimate your capped composite decking costs, you must know that the average cost of a deck per square metre varies based on the size of the deck, the materials used, and any special requirements. Here’s a general idea of what you can expect to spend with a reputable deck builder:

  • $220-$260 per square metre for treated pine decking
  • $350-$500 per square metre for hardwood timber or composite decking

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of composite decking cost and price estimates:

Labour and Installation

You can expect about two-thirds of your total cost for composite decking for labour and installation. If you’re comfortable undertaking a project of this size, you can always DIY the composite decking installation to save money on your composite deck project.

But, if you’re not comfortable with DIY projects, hiring a professional is best. There are also hidden risks and costs of building your composite deck yourself.

Decking Materials

Raw materials, like the deck’s substructure, decking boards, railing, fixings, hardware, and any add-ons, make up another decent chunk of the cost of composite decking. It’s important to factor in any add-ons to the basic decking materials you will use to build your composite wood decking, such as:

  • Gazebos
  • Deck drainage systems
  • Built-in benches
  • Built-in lighting
  • Multiple levels
  • Staircases

It’s essential to find composite deck installers with experience creating and installing these add-ons to ensure the best and most efficient installation process. It will also help you get a better idea upfront of the total cost to purchase and install your composite decking.

For more information, see Why You Can’t Afford to Buy Cheap Composite Decking.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your composite deck play a significant role in the composite decking cost calculator. Size and shape are important factors to consider when determining the cost of materials and labour since composite decking prices are based on a per square metre basis.

For example, curved composite decks typically cost much more than straight decks. That’s because the design of the curved composite decks is much more complicated and requires added wastage, work and skill to cut the composite decking boards and install them properly.

Count on NexGEN for Your Capped Composite Decking Needs

NexGEN’s capped composite decking is one of the only decking products on the market that solves these three most common problems:

  1. Colour fade
  2. Staining
  3. Mould and mildew

Our capped composite decking boards stay looking great year in and year out. With our stain-resistant decking boards, there’s no fading, warping, rotting, splintering, or staining to worry about, allowing you to enjoy their beauty without the high maintenance. Enjoy your deck for years to come when you count on NexGEN for your capped composite decking and installation needs. We offer various capped composites, including capped composite decking, screening, waterproof decking, and much more.

Whether you plan to install the deck yourself or use one of our knowledgeable and friendly expert deck installers, we’ll be here to support you until your deck is complete. Contact us today to learn more!