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Why You Can’t Afford to Buy Cheap Composite Decking 


Composite decking should be durable, discreetly joined, low maintenance, and above all: a beautiful, lasting addition to your home.

When trying to cut costs with cheap composite decking, you’ll likely find the manufacturers have been cutting corners. This can have dire consequences for the quality and longevity of your investment – instead of adding value to your property, it adds stress and frustration.

In this blog post, we’ll explain why the cheaper option may be appealing in this market, it does not represent the best value, and why it’s smarter to insist on choosing solid composite boards with hardwood filling.

Composite decking looks great day and night

NexGEN Decking exclusively supplies Fiberon solid composite decking. A global product, manufactured in the USA with a 50 year fade and stain warranty, and lifetime guarantee.

Are all composite boards the same? 

 No. Unfortunately, you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to cheap composite decking boards.

Low-cost composite materials are typically made from softwood or bamboo filling, which does not have the same durability as quality hardwood composite boards. You’re more likely to run into issues with warping, distorting, staining or fading over time – meaning your cheap DIY decking can become an expensive fix later on.

The look and feel of the finished project can be very different. Softer boards can split or fragment, becoming a nuisance or even a hazard. Hardwood-filled composite boards, like NexGEN, remain smooth and comfortable underfoot even with heavy use.

Here’s a recent customer review from Narinda Sandry. Note she discusses the higher cost of NexGEN’s product compared to what you’ll find in Bunnings; however, she loves the look and feel:

Why are there so many different cheap decking brands? 

There are far fewer options than you might think. While the market is awash with various cheap brands, there are few actual cheap manufacturers.

The manufacturing industry for composite wood decking is largely unregulated worldwide, which has led to the rise of some manufacturers who are able to churn out huge volumes at remarkable speed due to the lack of quality controls. 

These manufacturers then market their products globally under various brands (white label). If a specific brand or label gets bad press due to the inferior quality, they can easily move on to another one with the same product.

4 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing Composite Decking 

There are a few things you should think about when searching for high quality composite decking. 

  1. Where was it manufactured? The three leading composite decking companies all manufacture in North America exclusively. NexGEN composite decking products are manufactured by Fiberon Composites in North America.It’s sold in more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia, Central and South America.
  2. What is it made from? For hard-wearing decking that stands the test of time, you want to look for solid composite boards made with hardwood filling– have far superior structural integrity. We strongly encourage people to steer clear of hollow decking.
  3. What does the warranty cover? Many cheaper brands have limited structural warranties for 10-25 years, some even less, and are not inclusive of cracking or fading. Should a white label brand go under or otherwise disappear… even these limited warranties are rendered worthless.The warranty reflects the quality of the product. At NexGEN, all our composite decking panels are backed by a lifetime performance guarantee and a 50-year guarantee against all fading and staining. We believe our products will last a lifetime, even in notoriously harsh Australian conditions.
  4. What is the brand (and manufacturer) reputation? Look for longevity, good reviews, global manufacturing standards, and global availability. You’ll want a company with decades of experience, operating successfully across multiple continents, with a proven track record for quality and performance. 

“When you choose to prioritise quality over cost, you are making a wise investment and setting yourself up for long-term value to be added to your property.”Mike Rockie, Managing Director, NexGEN Decking

NexGEN composite pool decking won’t rot, splinter, attract mould or pests, and there’s no need for oiling, sanding or staining, ever.

Composite Decking Products Built for Life

Investing in composite decking that will last a lifetime is well worth it. Choosing cheap composite decking isn’t saving you much at all when it might need replacing in only a few years.

Instead, look for premium quality, extremely durable composite decking, designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions year in and year out.

The saying, “Pay cheap, pay twice!” is a truism in our industry, just as it is in any other area of life.

NexGEN’s premium, eco-friendly composite decking has all the benefits and beauty of natural timber without the issues of splintering, decaying, and costly maintenance – it won’t rot and doesn’t require staining. Our composite decking is ultra-low maintenance, ultra-high quality and offers easy installation.

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Get that dream deck you’ve always wanted, that your family and friends can enjoy for decades to come.

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