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Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Escapes Capped Composite Decking

Escapes Capped Composite Decking

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Select Capped Composite Decking

Select Capped Composite Decking

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Capped Composite Cladding

Capped Composite Cladding

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Good Life Capped Composite Decking

Good Life Capped Composite Decking

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Xtreme Capped Composite Decking

Xtreme Capped Composite Decking

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Composite Decking Boards Made for Australia

Composite decking combines a clean, natural wood look with impressive longevity. The best composite boards require almost no maintenance and are built for the harsh Australian climate. NexGEN stands out by offering the first 50-year stain and fade warranty in the industry and combining it with a lifetime performance guarantee on select composite decking products.

These guarantees are unmatched in Australia. We can provide them because our composite wood decking is manufactured by Fiberon in the United States and sold in 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Not only does our product beat timber in terms of appearance, longevity, and performance, but it also eclipses the warranties and maintenance needs of many other composite decking boards on the market.

Working with Fiberon exclusively means we’re positioned as one of Australia’s most trusted composite decking suppliers.

We’re not the cheapest, but as the saying goes, “pay cheap, pay twice!”

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Why Composite Deck Boards from NexGEN?

Composite timber decking consists of wood fibres and plastic. NexGEN’s Fiberon boards use wood fibres from cabinets, salvaged lumber, door frames, window trim, and other recycled materials. The plastic materials get harvested from milk jugs, plastic bags, and detergent bottles. Not only are these reused materials environmentally friendly, but the use of carefully selected materials also ensures structural integrity.

Comparing NexGEN to the Competitors

Use this quick table to compare NexGEN composite products to the rest of the field:

Table comparing NexGEN composites to our competitors

Recycled Plastic and other Composite Decking Materials

The plastic polymers and wood get blended and compressed while heated to create a dense and extremely strong core that won’t warp or bend even after years of use.

Manufacturing Process Explained

The boards are capped, which increases longevity by covering the wood and plastic core. Fiberon relies on coextrusion to bond this outside cover with the interior materials, creating single, solid pieces immune to water damage, mould, and other problems common in timber decking and low-quality composite boards.

This process gets completed without the use of chemicals, so you can be confident the deck will not be toxic. Moreover, capped composite boards are resistant to mould and mildew, so you will not have to worry about these potentially dangerous moisture-loving substances spreading on your decking.

Natural Appearance and Colour Options

Our composite timber decking has a natural look thanks to a unique embossing process that uses wheels to imprint realistic wood grain patterns on the surface of the boards.

You can select single-tone or multi-hued products with streaking and shading like natural timber. We can match the look and details of popular Australian hardwoods, giving you the look and feel of timber without the sanding, staining, and repairs that traditional wood decking needs. Popular options include Spotted Gum, White Oak, Jarrah, and Blackbutt. If you are looking for a clean, modern look, we offer options like Graphite, too.

The Cost and Value of Composite Decking

Composite decking requires a higher initial investment than timber. However, the overall cost of ownership is much lower.

A NexGEN composite deck is also:

  • Easy to install
  • Eco-friendly
  • Won’t rot, fade or scratch
  • Resistant to termites
  • Anti-slip and water-resistant, so it’s ideal for use around your pool

You’ll be hard-pressed to find the following features in timber decking:

Common product features across the NexGEN range

Our composite timber decking doesn’t require sanding, painting, oiling, staining or sealing, either – this makes it ultra-low maintenance.

For more information, see Composite Decking vs Timber – Costs, Durability and Sustainability.

Composite decking maintenance typically includes simple tasks like sweeping and washing with soapy water.

Customer testimonial from Jasen in Queensland

A Better Return on Investment

We can offer a five-decade warranty against fading. UV light can cause wood decks to fade. Uncapped and poor-quality composite products may also suffer from this problem. Our Fiberon boards maintain their original colour and appearance for at least 50 years without needing refinishing.

Longevity can also affect the return on investment. With annual maintenance and timely repairs, timber decking can last for two or three decades. A NexGEN composite deck is extremely durable, lasting for over 50 years. Not only are maintenance costs limited, but the deck will also last much longer than a natural wood one, allowing you to get even more value out of your initial investment.

At NexGEN, we offer different products to suit your budget, outdoor living space, and design plans.

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Select Your Composite Decking from NexGEN

Take advantage of our 50-year warranty and unique designs and enjoy the other benefits of high-quality decking, and you won’t look back.

You will find Select Capped Composite Decking, which offers a natural look inspired by the earthy tones of the Australian colour palette. Meanwhile, our Escapes Capped Composite Decking mimics the appearance of tropical hardwoods like white oak and blackbutt. Finally, our Good Life Capped Composite Decking, available in Cottage and Cabin colours, offers a blend of value and longevity with 25-year residential warranties for performance and fading.

You can also obtain subframes, joists, and weatherstripping products from NexGEN so that you do not have to look for supports and accessories elsewhere to complete your project.

Customer testimonial from Joanne in Western Australia

Frequently Asked Questions Directly from our Customers

What are the products made of?

NexGEN Capped Composite Decking is crafted from 50% recovered hardwood fibre and 50% UV stabilised high-density polyethylene. NexGEN Promenade is made from 100% polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Where are the products made?

In North America by Fiberon Composites with patented technology.

What are the advantages compared to traditional timber decking?

Long straight lengths, quick and easy installation, never warps, never rots, splinter free, no sanding, no painting, no sealing, no staining, long-lasting, scratch resistant, termite resistant and up to 50 Years, Stain and Fade Warranty.

What maintenance is required?

Virtually none, only occasional cleaning with soap and water or a pressure clean.

How does NexGEN compare to other brands of composite decking?

NexGEN Decking products are one of the only brands on the market that solves the three problems composite decking customers complain about: colour fade, staining, and mould/mildew. Each board has a non-porous surface layer co-extruded into the wood fibre (golf ball cover technology). The non-porous cover is what sets our boards apart from all other composites.

Will the surface peel or wear off?

The surface will not peel off or delaminate because the surface layer is coextruded into the composite core. Under normal conditions, the surface will last indefinitely. If exposed to extremely high abrasion, some wearing is possible. If any substrate becomes exposed, this is no cause for alarm because it contains the same UV stabilisers as the rest of the composition and is unaffected.

How long will the antimicrobial protection last?

Antimicrobial protection is built-in during manufacturing and will not wash off or wear away. It is engineered to provide continuous antimicrobial product protection for the product’s useful lifetime.

How does the price compare to traditional timber?

Our pricing is comparable to good quality hardwood, but of course, you will save money each year due to the maintenance requirements of timber.

What sort of warranty is available?

Up to a 50-year Stain, Fade Warranty and a Lifetime performance warranty.

How are the boards fixed?

Each board is pre-grooved on both sides to take a hidden fastener system.

How does temperature affect the boards?

NexGEN composite decking is suitable for all climates, and is sold worldwide where harsh freezing winters and boiling summers have put it to the test.

Are they slippery when wet?

Our boards are slip resistant. We have R10 to R12 slip ratings on all our boards, suitable for public open space and poolside installations.

Are the boards bushfire rated?

Yes, our composites are fire resistance rated from BAL 19 to BAL 29 and Flame Zone, too.

Can you paint or stain the boards?

Only cut edges will respond appropriately to matching stains or quality oil-based paint.

Can I make it myself (DIY)?

Yes, it is very DIY-friendly, and our team can assist with any questions.

Do you need special tools to cut it?

No, our boards cut like regular hardwood.

Why not contact us to get started or learn more about our composite decking products. You can provide your details online or reach out to our local offices directly:

Adelaide – (08) 6316 0469

Brisbane – (07) 3041 6065

Melbourne – (03) 8672 6444

Perth – (08) 6143 6565

Sydney – (02) 8072 6220

We’ve love to hear about your plans for a new deck, and we’re always happy to provide advice so you can do it once, and do it right!