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Flame Zone Decking


Flame zone decking in the form of Aluminium DryDeck technology is revolutionizing the way Australians build decks.

There is good news for homeowners living in BAL Rated (bushfire attack level) areas. No longer do high BAL Ratings like BAL40 or Flame Zone (FZ) mean an end to your outdoor entertainment.

Here are four reasons why aluminium DryDeck is a smart investment for your home.

  1. Flame Zone Decking Approved
    With the increasing numbers of bush fires threatening Australian property, local authorities are forever expanding the amount of BAL rated areas. The higher the BAL rating, the less choice you have in building materials. NexGEN Aluminium DryDeck provides the security of flame zone decking approval (BAL FZ), which means it withstands fire damage and prevents the spread of fire. Barbeque with the peace of mind that only NexGEN DryDeck brings. This material neither combusts nor burns, making it the safest choice for your home. Responsible homeowners know that fireproof building materials, like flame zone decking, protect not just their own property, but the property of friends and neighbours as well.
  2. Waterproof Technology
    NexGEN flame zone decking is not only fireproof, it is also waterproof. Water causes DryDeck no damage. The unique design comes with a tongue in groove gutter system that keeps the area under your deck dry too. Turn this underutilised space into a storage area, workshop or additional patio area to maximize your outdoor entertainment area.
  3. Family Friendly
    DryDeck flame zone decking is perfect for family fun. The material stays cooler than traditional decking material due to its very high thermal conductivity properties, protecting bare feet from hot surfaces. Enjoy the comfort of knowing your deck provides a cool, splinter free decking experience for your family and friends. No need to worry about a mess either. The aluminium flame zone decking is easy to clean. Soap and water eliminate spills without damaging the deck surface. Most importantly, no harmful chemicals are used in the production of DryDeck, making it safe for kids and pets to play on.
  4. Long-Lasting Appearance
    Your DryDeck flame zone decking is guaranteed to last for years without obvious signs of wear and tear. The aluminium is coated with a super durable, high-density polyester powder coating that keeps your deck looking good as new. DryDeck flame zone decking is salt spray resistant for 3,000 hours and receives top quality outdoor ratings, making it ideal for locations exposed to the elements. The deck’s top colour retention ratings and excellent stain and dirt resistance keeps it clean and free of unpleasant discolorations no matter how much activity your deck experiences.

If aluminium decking is not for you, consider solid timber composite deck boards for your next project.

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