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Enhance Your Deck with Built in Planter Boxes


Including planter boxes in the plans for your deck can greatly enhance its usefulness and attractiveness.

Add a Sensation of More Space

Creative placement of the boxes can give different effects. Add a bit more room for your deck by building the boxes at the end of built in benches, or to extend the railings. Put planter boxes at eye level or above to add a sense of shade.

Flowers to Enrich Your Deck Time

Make your deck even more beautiful will well-planned and planted boxes. Beautiful plants like petunias, pansies, and verbena make spending time on your deck even more pleasant. Choose fragrant flowers like gardenias or alyssum. Encourage morning glories and moonflowers to twine around the railings. Your deck with soon be a beauty spot as well as a great place to spend leisure time.

Vertical Gardens for Small Yards

If you have a small yard, you can increase your gardening space by including planter boxes. You can have multiple levels of boxes and add a lot of vertical garden space. Careful choosing of the plants you place can give different effects; make a trellis or canopy of bean vines or cucumbers, stack levels shorter plants like onions, lettuce, or peppers, or add shade with carefully placed corn.

Herbs for Cooking Right at the Door

Have the right materials for that marinade, barbecue, or herbed butter right at hand. Many herbs grow very well in planter boxes, and simply being able to grab fresh basil, thyme, chives, or tarragon adds pizzazz and verve to your cooking.

Due to its unique formula our decking material is particularly well-suited to planter boxes. It doesn’t rot, splinter, or warp and will stand up well to the rigors being a planter box.

Enhance Your Deck with Built in Planter Boxes
Enhance Your Deck with Built in Planter Boxes

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