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What Colour Should My New Deck Be?


So, you’ve finally decided to get that new deck you always wanted. Maybe it’s a lounging pad for hosting weekend parties, or just something small for relaxing with a book. You have the design all worked out, you know the material you’re going to use, and you even have a blueprint for its construction. Before you take that next step, though, there’s an important decision you need to make.

What colour is it going to be?

Your deck should complement the most common colour in your yard, and most of the time that’s going to be your house. While you can make your new deck the same colour, you have some wiggle room regarding the sorts of shades you use. For example, if your home has tan siding, then a blue-grey deck would be an ideal counterpoint, according to the colour wheel.

Another thing you need to ask yourself is what effects the colour of your deck will have. For instance, dark colours will show dust, dirt, and pollen easily, which will mean it will have to be washed with a fair bit of regularity. Dark colours also soak up the sun, and that will heat it up throughout the day. Darker shades will also show fade more readily, which means you need to take extra precautions to keep their colour robust. Precautions like using the right materials, such as our capped composite decking, which comes with a 25-year stain and fade warranty.

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At the end of the day, though, the most important thing about your deck’s colour is that it leaves you satisfied. Because it’s your new deck, and you’re the one who’s going to be using it more than anyone else. For more information on choosing the ideal deck scheme for your home, simply contact us today!

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