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Working a Fire Pit into Your Deck Design


Deck design and fire pits – lots of options to explore.

Deck design is so much more than just throwing together some boards onto the ground. It is a work of art that you can customise exactly to your liking. After all, your outdoor living space is somewhere that you’ll spend a lot of time cooking, eating, entertaining, and just relaxing. Regardless of the time of year, take a look at how you can work a fire pit into your deck design.


When we say that you can work a fire pit into your deck design, we mean that you can literally have one put right into your deck. Built-in fire pits are both classy and functional. They will light up and warm up your entire deck, while surely being a dazzling focal point at the same time.

Natural Stones

Natural stones are the trend setter in recent years. You can really create a beautiful fire pit from of variety of natural stones. Try a limestone fire pit with bluestone on the top, or try marble for extra style and class. You can even add natural stone seating around your fire pit.

Deck design bonus tip; create seating with in built storage out of the same deck boards as you’ve used on your decking.

Large Stones

Sometimes fire pits built out of over-sized stones are the way to go when you think of it in terms of extra seating. The large stones make for the perfect place to sit when entertaining guests or just enjoying the fire.


You can always go with a mobile fire pit if you like the idea of being able to transport it around. This is good for people who like to redecorate often or simply just don’t like the idea of having a set location for their fire pit.

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