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Flame Zone Decking at its Finest


Flame zone decking. If you live in a flame zone area, we have good news for you and your backyard.

Just because you live in an area that is susceptible to fires, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your outdoor relaxation and entertainment. There are innovative flame zone decking options for you, such as our aluminium DryDeck that’s approved for use in flame zone areas.

What is DryDeck?

Our cutting-edge DryDeck technology creates aluminium waterproof decking boards that are attractive, low maintenance, and best of all, non-combustible. These decking boards are virtually fireproof and will never burn or ignite into flames. They naturally stay cooler to touch at all times since aluminium naturally dissipates heat more efficiently than most other outdoor products. You will not find this with any other type of decking. And because the unique design of this decking keeps the area underneath your deck dry as well, it gives you the opportunity to create extra storage space or even another room if you wanted.


As if being waterproof and non-combustible is not enough, these boards offer a plethora of other advantages that you will surely be impressed with. As mentioned before, they are ultra low maintenance. There is nothing special that you have to do to keep them clean other than periodically cleaning them with soap and water. They are dirt and stain resistant, and they are not treated with any harmful chemicals. This all makes them perfect and ideal for families and pets. They are extremely durable, meaning that they will not split, crack, splinter, rot, or decay, and they have a safe, non-skid texture to them. Another great thing is that they are not affected by insects.

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