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How Much Decking Will I Need?


How much decking will I need and how best to install it are two of the most common questions we get asked.

Once you’ve decided that a deck would be a great addition to your home, the next question becomes how best to install it and where you’ll place it. Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time to start thinking about the nuts and bolts… and boards and sub-frame. How much decking will I need to cover the area that I want to deck? How much decking should I allow for wastage (off cuts etc). Do I need an extra boards in case something goes wrong? What about leaving space for stairs or navigating tricky angles? Do you want to picture frame your deck or what about a herringbone pattern? This is where NexGEN can really save you a lot of time, stress and money!

We can provide quotes from professional plans, rough sketches, or even mud maps to help ensure that you have exactly what you need to build the deck you’ve always wanted. We will offer advice on the best way to install your deck and can even help with design tips if required.

Often, decisions in how much material you need and how best to install it in the space come down to how smart you can be when it comes to using the area around you. Planning for a few small issues along the way is the mark of a good project manager, but overbuying ‘just in case’ won’t get you much beyond a hole in your wallet and a back shed full of extra deck boards. Small projects don’t need a lot of extra bracing to be completely rock solid, and even bigger, more detailed structures can be installed without a lot of extra legwork. We’ll work out the best way to install your decking to minimise product wastage and the money spent on everything involved.

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