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How To Use Shiplap Cladding In Your Home Decor


Create a farmhouse feeling with shiplap cladding

With farmhouse styling becoming overwhelmingly popular, you’re likely wanting to jump into your next DIY project. There is a deep feeling of charm that comes with creating this look within your home. If done well, it can have good return on your investment too. Rustic kitchens, weathered wood furniture, and cozy fabrics make this style feel inviting and warm. This rustic style can be implemented in a house wide renovation or simply in tasteful accents in certain rooms. These ideas are certain to invoke feelings of country living.

One way to evoke this farmhouse feeling in your home is with shiplap cladding. Shiplap cladding is a tongue and groove style wooden board that has traditionally been used as an exterior finish on buildings.  It is a fairly inexpensive way to weatherproof buildings and is usually used on more rustic style barns, sheds and outbuildings. It has an angled front which allows water to glide down the outside of a building without penetrating the walls.

However, it has a charming and rustic appeal which homeowners have begun to incorporate into the interior finishes of their homes. When used as an interior wall colour shiplap can contribute to the ever-popular farmhouse decorating style. Because this is a natural wood element it adds a warmth and rustic charm to the space.

There are lots of creative ways to add shiplap and cottage style or farmhouse style décor into your home. This kind of wall finish has become extremely popular in kitchens, bathrooms and even as accent walls above fireplaces and master bedrooms.

Adding shiplap to your living room

The living room is a great place to use shiplap in your décor. It adds such warmth to a space and creates a feeling of simplicity. It has become extremely popular to add this element above a fireplace mantelpiece. Most designs take the shiplap all the way up to the ceiling.

Shiplap on the ceiling of your living spaces is also an interesting design element. Natural wood beams and shiplap blend together seamlessly to showcase vaulted ceilings.

Continue the farmhouse theme in your living room by:

Swapping in Edison light bulbs.

These on-trend bulbs can truly make your décor pop. They immediately change the feel of a room adding rustic charm and warmth because you can see the filaments inside the bulb and their light produces a cozy, glow. You could even swap out your dated light fixtures for some rustic chandeliers to give your space a true farmhouse feel. Hiring a certified electrician for any serious changes is a good idea.

Adding mason jars- everywhere.

Mason jars are an extremely versatile decorating tool. They look great simply stored on shelves, but can also be painted to match your colour scheme. Jars are excellent organisational tools and function well in office or kitchen spaces.  A quick coat of spray paint or chalk paint will turn an ordinary mason jar into a unique décor piece. Try making one of these cute tissue holders.

Buying some baskets.

Baskets, like mason jars, have a plethora of uses in farmhouse decor. They look great on your front porch as planters. If you’re crafty they can be revitalised and hung on the wall as organisational tools. A large, wire basket is also a great focal point in living room decor when filled with cozy knitted blankets.

Using shiplap in your bathroom

Bathroom walls look fresh and new when they have a mould resistant shiplap facade. This look has become a common sight in bathrooms because it can quickly panel walls without breaking your budget. Popular TV shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper have shown the world how nice a bathroom remodel can look using shiplap. Aside from it’s obvious visual impact, our composite shiplap is great for bathrooms because it is so low maintenance and easy to clean. Our shiplap will never get mould or mildew so it is perfect for bathroom applications because of its ability to withstand the moist environment. Unlike wood surfaces, our shiplap will never need to be sealed or painted in order to be a decorative element in your bathroom.

Compliment shiplap cladding in your bathroom by:

Changing bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom design options in a farmhouse style are plentiful. New faucets and knobs on cabinetry will truly change the look of your bathroom and have a great return on investment. Not only that, but you don’t have to be a handyman or plumber to tackle these easy jobs. Keep in mind, it is not necessary to overhaul the whole bathroom in order to see a positive change in your home’s value. An average bathroom remodel will net about 50% ROI. This can mean simply painting existing cabinetry or adding new faucets. However if the look you want requires you to change out your existing tub or vanity you’ll probably want to find a great, local contractor to help you.

Updating your bathroom hooks and towel bars.

Simple hooks or cast iron towel bars can take your bathroom from outdated to rustic chic and look great with your shiplap. Bathroom remodels don’t have to be costly to have a big, visual impact. New fixtures like toilet paper holders and soap trays, in cast iron or rustic wood finishes, can be an inexpensive change.

Upcycling a window as a mirror.

Shopping rummage sales or salvage yards is a great way to find some rustic décor at a steal. An old wood framed window can be turned into a bathroom focal point with some simple mirror paint.

A shiplap kitchen

Shiplap makes a great kitchen backsplash because it is not impacted by moisture, and grease will wipe right off its easy-to-clean surface. It also can makeover an entire kitchen with a fresh, new look. Shiplap looks great contrasted with rustic, rough hewn wooden accents and dark, hardwood floors. Many companies are now designing ceramic tiles to replicate the look of wide wooden beams which look perfectly matched with shiplapped walls.

Continue the theme in your decor by:

Having open cabinetry.

Simply taking the doors off of your kitchen cabinets can have a great visual effect, especially when paired with shiplap paneling. Removing the doors is an easy DIY project, too. This is especially powerful if you have vintage glass wares or pretty copper pots to display. Other items that look great in open cabinets: woven baskets, milk glass and antique vases.

Reusing your cabinet doors.

Now that you’ve taken off your cabinet doors you can up-cycle them into rustic decor. Try turning them into a serving tray, or a cute coat rack.

Complete your farmhouse style with shiplap

Incorporating a little farmhouse styling into your space takes time, because nostalgia can’t be created in a single day. Decorate with items and things that have meaning and character. Slowly, your space will surely evolve into the farmhouse style you’re looking for by adding some rustic details and using shiplap on your interior spaces.

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