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The World’s Easiest DIY Decking Subframe : System Separating Fact from Fiction


Building an outdoor deck isn’t something most homeowners are able to do themselves without having construction expertise and experience, yet with the right DIY decking subframe system nearly anyone can build a quality outdoor deck with relative ease. In an effort to explain, let’s separate fact from fiction while exploring the world’s easiest DIY decking subframe system.

Fictitious Beliefs About Building a Deck

One of the biggest misconceptions many homeowners have about building a deck is thinking their only options are traditional decking subframes made from pressure treated wood or galvanised steel. Many other misconceptions stem from this root belief, such as:

  • the total cost involved with building a decking subframe and surface
  • the need to hire a building contractor
  • how long it takes to build a decking subframe and surface
  • composite materials aren’t as durable as wood and steel
  • traditional decking subframes are stronger than composite alternatives

Essentially, homeowners without experience and expertise with modern decking subframes won’t be aware of the various options available. This is understandable considering modern decking subframes made from alternative materials haven’t been around for very long. Composite decking materials emerged around the 1990s and have been continuously refined and improved upon since.

While homeowners are likely familiar with composite or plastic decking materials for the decking surface, they may not realise how similar alternative materials can be used to build the deck’s subframe. In addition to the many advantages of composite decking surface materials, these green alternatives can also be designed to use with an easy-to-install decking subframe made from recycled polypropylene materials.

Easy-to-build decking subframes expand the possibilities for homeowners, as it gives them the option to build a beautiful and durable deck themselves in less time and for less money than traditional decking options. Instead of spending the average cost of over $7k to have a deck built and waiting months for it to be completed, composite decking materials and subframes allow homeowners to build the deck themselves in weeks for a fraction of the cost. The main fictitious beliefs homeowners want to disregard or unlearn are that building a deck’s subframe and surface takes a building contractor to complete, costs around $7k, and takes months to finish. And while, ultimately, it’s a matter of preference, another fictitious belief is that composite materials are inferior to wood/steel and they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing.

The World’s Easiest DIY Decking Subframe : System Separating Fact from Fiction
The World’s Easiest DIY Decking Subframe : System Separating Fact from Fiction

Facts About Building a Decking Subframe and Surface

The fact is there are viable alternatives when it comes to building a decking subframe and surface. These alternatives include NexGen’s DIY deck cell subframe system made from the high-density, recyclable material polypropylene.

These decking cells are similar to Lego blocks, as many smaller pieces click together to form a larger whole; and, importantly, they require no special construction tools, experience, or expertise to fit together and prepare for the composite decking surface. Homeowners simply have to choose a flat surface, fit the decking cells together, place the aluminium battens inside at regular intervals, and then screw the composite decking surface boards to the subframe with a hidden fixing system.

While traditional decking subframes require pavers, beams, supports, precise cuttings and measurements, DeckCell subframes merely require a flat surface. This means homeowners can build their deck without removing concrete pads, pavers, or bricks – as long as the surface is flat and compacted. DeckCell can even be applied over compacted sand without the need for concrete footers.

This may seem too good to be true for skeptical homeowners, as they question whether DeckCell subframes are strong or durable enough to withstand normal or heavy usage over the years. The fact is DeckCell subframes are more than strong enough to handle normal and heavy usage; their crush rating will actually allow a vehicle to be parked on them without an issue – making them plenty strong for BBQ parties and other deck activities and items (hot tubs, patio furniture, get-togethers, etc.).

To recap, the facts are:

  • Homeowners without construction expertise, experience, or specialty tools can DIY a decking subframe and surface with relative ease.
  • DeckCell subframes are strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing (composite surface decking materials can be chosen that look like favourite wood materials without showing screws or blemishes on the surface).
  • DeckCell subframes and surfaces can be built for much less money than the average cost of traditional methods.
  • Decking subframes and surfaces can be constructed within days and weeks, rather than months and seasons.
The World’s Easiest DIY Decking Subframe : System Separating Fact from Fiction

The Combined Benefits of DIY and Composite Materials

The world’s easiest DIY decking subframe combines the benefits of composite decking materials with an easy-to-build system that nearly anyone with a screw gun can handle. Here are some of the combined benefits to note:

  • Composite decking takes 2-4 hours a year to maintain vs. 16-32 hours a year for wood.
  • Composite decking lasts 50+ years vs. 10-15 years for wood.
  • Composite decking is eco-friendly and toxin-free (no stains or chemical treatments).
  • Composite subframes and decking is scratch resistant and will not rot, rust, splinter, or warp.
  • Composite decking is safer than wood because it doesn’t splinter and have uneven screws popping up.

These are some of the reasons why composite, plastic, and aluminium decking materials have been growing in popularity among homeowners; although, what many homeowners haven’t yet realised is how easy it is to build a deck with a DeckCell subframe system made from polypropylene and aluminium materials.

Once homeowners realise how easy, quick, and affordable it can be to build a decking subframe and surface, this alternative method is sure to grow in popularity and application. Essentially, composite decking subframes and surfaces are the future of DIY decking projects, as they offer the best of all decking options.

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The fact is, DeckCell makes building a deck’s subframe and surface easy enough for the average DIY homeowner to accomplish. The best part is this doesn’t require compromising aesthetics, strength, or durability; in fact, it bolsters these factors while also being the most affordable option available. If interested in learning more please contact NexGen Decking today.

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