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5 Reasons to Replace Your Wood Deck with Composite Decking


5 Reasons to Replace Your Wood Deck with Composite Decking

A wood deck can be beautiful for a time. But soon enough, the years will do their terrible dance, helped along by weather, insects, and usage. Next thing you know, your wood deck is in need of replacement.

When that happens, and you are going to replace your old wooden deck, how about using a superior product will outlast any wooden deck while still looking as beautiful as its counterpart? When it’s time to find the right materials for a new deck, the answer is simple: you need to get capped composite decking.

5 Reasons to Replace Your Wood Deck with Composite Decking
5 Reasons to Replace Your Wood Deck with Composite Decking

5 Benefits of Capped Composite Decking. Capped composite decking is superior to traditional wood in a variety of ways. Understanding these benefits helps you make sure you make the right choice when it comes time to replace your old deck.

1. Sustainability
First of all, capped composite decking is eco-friendly. This is because it is not only made from recycled plastic, which keeps it out of landfills, but also doesn’t contribute to deforestation. In addition, capped composite decking uses timber mill scraps, which keeps it from being incinerated.

Finally, it is free from any of the toxic chemicals that are used in pressure-treated timber. In other words, capped composite decking is a product that you can feel proud of, allowing you to feel confident that it won’t harm your family or the environment.

2. Low Maintenance
Another fantastic feature of capped composite decking compared to traditional wood is that there is virtually no maintenance. Your deck doesn’t need to be sanded and oiled every year, and you will no longer need the annual maintenance that hardwood requires to last more than its minimum lifespan. That means less stress, less money, and more fun on your deck.

3. Long Warranty
Ultra low maintenance does not mean your new deck won’t last long. In fact, capped composite decking materials also come with up to a 25-year performance stain and fade warranty. In other words, you will be safe and protected for a quarter of a century. If anything happens, it will be replaced free of charge. Put simply, no traditional wood can offer that peace of mind. You can be confident that you’ll get at least 25 years of use out of it, with minimal upkeep, which simply isn’t possible with wood.

4. Safety and Security
Of course, all of the above features are significant. However, probably the biggest benefit of capped composite decking compared to wood decking  is the fact that your deck will not warp, the boards will never rot, and no splinters will ever exist.

Especially if you have pets and small children, or you like to walk on your deck with your bare feet, you want to be sure that you won’t get a splinter. Little kids and pets run a higher risk of getting a painful splinter. Capped composite decking also happens to be slip-resistant, which can also make you feel safer and more confident if you walk on it after rain or a dip in your pool. With slip ratings that exceed R12, capped composites can also be used for ramps.

5. DIY Possibilities
Finally, capped composite decking is a wonderful product to use if you are installing it by yourself. Most materials come with directions on how to do a proper installation, and it’s been created to easily go together in order to create a beautiful deck for your home.

And of course, you can get capped composite decking to look like a traditional wooden deck. The materials come in a variety of colours that emulate wood, as well as more modern alternatives. The capped composite boards themselves have multiple wood grain patterns, further increasing the resemblance. It’s the best of both worlds: get the beautiful look of wood without all the maintenance and work that comes along with it.

How Do I Remove My Old Deck?
When you’ve decided to get a new deck, your first step should be removing the old one. Here, it’s absolutely vital for you to take the time to remove everything properly. This way, you can save the wood and maybe use it for a different DIY project. 4 steps can help you in the process:

1. Remove the old floorboards, lifting up on them with a pry bar. Once you’ve removed a few pieces, you can also use a long piece of lumber to pry up the remaining boards. You want to be careful to not damage the subframe of your deck.

2. Remove any nails or screws that are in the subframe of your deck.

3. Evaluate whether or not your subframe is still in good shape, or if it has experienced rot and deterioration as well. If you see anything that sags or feels lose, then it’s a good idea to also replace your deck’s subframe. You never want to run the risk of putting a beautiful new deck on an unsafe subframe.

4. Take the time to remove any nails or screws from your individual boards. Whether you are keeping the old wood to repurpose, or are planning on getting rid of it, this is an important step. The last thing you want to do is get hurt by grabbing a board that still has nails on it. Remove everything, and properly dispose of your unwanted materials.

Once your old deck has been removed, and you’ve carefully checked your subframe, it’s finally time to get your new capped composite decking materials and get the process started. One of the best parts about capped composite decking is the fact that you don’t need to be a carpenter or seasoned professional to successfully and safely install the deck.

When you order your capped composite decking, you’ll get installation guidelines. As long as you follow those, you’ll be good to go. Of course, if you have any additional questions we are always here to help guide you through the process.

Capped composite decking is a superior material that is sure to give you years of enjoyment and beauty. This maintenance-free, durable, and beautiful product will provide you with a deck that you can be proud of. The easy installation process allows you to take care of it yourself, adding to the intrinsic value of your home. Finally, a variety of Australian colours like Spotted Gum and Jarrah allow you to find the right capped composite decking that matches your home and property, further adding value to the space.

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