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Rooftop Gardens – Incorporating Capped Composite Decking


Creating rooftop gardens are an ideal way to accomplish several things in an urban environment. Not only are they attractive, they can keep buildings cooler, save energy, extend the roof’s useful life, add beauty and useable space and improve air quality.

Similar to traditional decks, rooftop gardens can create an oasis in the midst of hectic everyday life. These rooftop gardens are best constructed on top of buildings with flat roofs such as apartments, condominiums or even office and industrial buildings. A recent trend with townhouses and duplexes is to convert the garage into a rooftop garden to gain extra valuable outdoor living space. This type of conversion is easily achieved using the NexGEN DryJoist product.

While some people may prefer creating an intensive garden to occupy most of the roof, others may find that pathways and patio areas in the midst of pleasing greenery may be more to their liking. That’s where our capped composite decking materials fit in. Capped composite decking is an ideal component for rooftop gardens because it has the natural look of wood, making it fit in well with the purpose of such installations.

Consider how NexGEN’s capped composite decking can be part of your rooftop garden.  Many designs have raised beds in which flowers and ornamental plants grow. Constructing the sides of raised beds for ornamental or vegetable plantings is ideal not only because of the low maintenance aspect of the boards, but also because our capped composite decking materials are non-toxic, meaning they won’t leach harmful chemicals into the soil where your plants grow. Our capped composites are environmentally friendly because they prevent further deforestation and never contain chemicals found in pressure-treated lumber that is often used to build raised garden beds. In addition, this material is made via a process that produces zero water waste.

Capped composite decking is also ideal for walkways and patio-style areas created within the midst of your urban oasis as it has superior stain and fade resistance and is also impervious to mould and mildew.

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