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Decking Oil – 8 Reasons We Don’t Miss It!


Many deck owner’s use decking oil to keep their decks looking pristine, year in and year out. However, if you decide to go the capped composite decking route, you’ll find that decking oil, all the tools, and the annual or bi-annual ritual will go right out the window. So what won’t you miss when you make the switch?

  1. The Smell:The aromas of the fields and fauna will no longer be masked behind the harsh scent of the additives that prevent mould and mildew in the decking oil that you apply. You’ve spent plenty of time cultivating your Brown Boronia, Native Rose, and jasmine flowers for their perfumes. The last thing you want to do is smell chemicals from decking oil for days on end.
  2. Long Drying Time:Decking oil can take a few days to dry completely, meaning that you don’t get to use your deck for a few days. No more worrying about animals treading across the finished deck, or telling friends you can’t host a barbie because the drying process took a day longer than you expected.
  3. The High Flammability:Not that you should be smoking anyways, but a lot of decking oil is fairly flammable. Stray embers from a smoke, a neighbours wood fired pizza oven, or a careless match can set decking oil alight. No worries about flammability when all you need is water and detergent.
  4. The Long Weekends of Hard Yakka:Redoing a deck using decking oil is a weekend-long commitment, including cleaning, oiling, and clean up. Plus, in some situations you have to do it more than once every year! Capped composite decking only requires an hour for washing and rinsing, and while you might want to do it more often – say, every six months – the total commitment of time is much less than with decking oil.
  5. Environmental Damage:Decking oil drips and spills, contaminating your lawn and garden. This can kill off plants, poison the soil, and poison animals that may try to eat where the decking oil has fallen. With capped composite decking, there is zero environmental impact from maintenance.
  6. Extra Clean up:Even after you finish oiling your deck, there’s clean up to do for your tools and equipment. This can mean standing over a bucket of smelly mineral spirits scrubbing brushes, instead of relaxing on your deck. When you go to throw out rags, you also have to take caution, due to their volatility.
  7. Tool Clutter:A traditional deck with decking oil requires multiple brushes, cleaning tools, buckets, hoses, cleaning agents… a capped composite deck, on the other hand, needs a bucket, a brush, and a hose. More room in your shed or garage for fun things, like fishing rods and bicycles. More time to enjoy them, too.
  8. High Bills:Along with less clutter, you don’t have to shell out your hard-earned cash for all of the tools, oils, and cleaning goods. Leaves you more money to go catch a game of footy, a rugby match, or an extra trip to the beach – and we can all do with a few more bucks on hand.

What’s the alternative? Maintenance-free composite timber plastic deck boards.

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