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DIY Decking – who ya gonna call?


Summer is coming, and this is the year that you’ve decided to add a deck to your home. You’ve talked about it, dreamed about it, planned for it and budgeted for it. Now, it’s time to pick out your DIY decking and start enjoying it. Well, there are a few steps you might be missing. If you are deciding between getting some decking boards from a big box store like Bunnings or engaging a specialist-decking supplier, there are some things to keep in mind.

DIY Decking from a big box store

When you buy DIY decking boards from a big box store like Bunnings, you’re going to find yourself with a pile of timber, bags of nails and screws and assorted bits and pieces. No instructions, no packing list, no quality control. Once you start your DIY decking job you’ll more than likely find that you’ve forgotten to buy that widget that you need which means downing tools and yet another drive to the store, fight for a parking spot and join the back of a long queue at the checkout. Or worse still you send your partner back down to buy that widget and they have to suffer the experience and you end up not talking to each other.

More DIY Decking Dramas courtesy of a big box retailer

If you tackle your new deck as a project, you might end up giving up every spare weekend putting it together. Imagine you’re in the middle of your DIY decking project and you run into unforeseen problems. Who ya gonna call? You might as well call Ghostbusters because it’s unlikely that you’ll have much luck at getting someone from a big box retailer to help you out over the phone.

Finding a Contractor to Put the Kit Together

You already know you don’t want to devote all your weekends for the foreseeable future to building your own deck, so it’s time to find a contractor to put your DIY decking together. This might not be as easy as you think. Not all contractors are going to be willing to assemble a kit from a big box retailer. There are issues of quality and other things. You will have to spend some time contacting installers and finding pricing before building your deck starts.

DIY Decking from a Specialist

At NexGEN Decking, we are going to make it easy for you. So easy in fact you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can contact us via email or phone and our team will spring into action to get your deck project underway quickly with the high quality you deserve.

DIY Deck Design from a Specialist

At NexGEN Decking we can help with your DIY decking design. Give us some measurements or a plan if you have it, some photos of the area and we’ll start working up some design ideas for your consideration. Once your happy with the design we’ll provide you with a quotation.

DIY Decking in Job Lots from NexGEN Decking

Once you’re happy with our quotation we will provide you with everything you need for your DIY decking project. All boards, stainless steel screws and clips and even fascia boards where required. All of this comes with friendly installation advice and can be delivered to your door on the back of a crane truck. No more scratching your head, missing widgets and fights over parking spots.

Who ya gonna call? NexGEN Decking

If during the course of your project you do run into unforseen problems you can call us with confidence that you’ll get great advice from a specialist and if after reading all this you decide that its all too hard, we can arrange full installation for you as well. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

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