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Rooftop Deck and Balconies Made Easy With Aluminium DryJoist


Every inch of outdoor space is precious. Our backyards are where our families come together to relax and play. Those of us with small backyards, or no backyards at all, appreciate our outdoor spaces even more. These days the great Aussie backyard is shrinking so much so that we now look to a rooftop deck to increase our usable outdoor space and to retain the great Aussie outdoor lifestyle tradition.

Once upon a time converting your garage to support a rooftop deck was incredibly difficult and cost prohibitive. Also even if the cost was within your budget, the waterproofing issues often made a rooftop deck just a pipe dream.

Now, gone are the days when maximizing outdoors spaces by building a rooftop deck or balcony was difficult. NexGEN Aluminium DryJoist technology makes conserving space while planning your new deck or balcony simple.

What Is DryJoist? 

NexGEN Aluminium DryJoist is actually 3 products in 1. The sturdy marine-grade, precision-extruded aluminum gives the deck a solid joist structure while also acting as a highly effective drainage system. The product, once installed, is 100% waterproof giving your area underneath the waterproof protection necessary for a quality job. As an added bonus, DryJoist also serves as a finished ceiling. Its bead board appearance gives it an attractive, traditional look that opens up many possibilities for the space beneath.

  • Waterproof Substructure – Deck drain allows for 100% waterproof area underneath
  • Joist System for Decking – Low profile structural system will span up to 1.8metres
  • Finished Ceiling Underneath – Powder coated bead board finished soffit ceiling

Maximizing Space With DryJoist

Not every ceiling boasts a waterproof drainage system and stylish finish all in one. DryJoist allows homeowners and contractors the luxury of building a rooftop deck and thereby maximising outdoor living spaces with a product that is guaranteed to last. The material replaces conventional wooden joists to create a completely dry space below the deck. No need to add a gutter system, waterproofing membranes, or drainage substructures to the area below.

With DryJoist it is easy to develop the area below your rooftop deck or protect the space below your balcony. Turn the newly available space below into a workshop, screened porch, or a patio. Building projects are easy without the hassle of additional structural reinforcement or drainage fixtures.

The Specs

DryJoist is manufactured from lightweight aluminium to provide a strong, durable product ready to last a lifetime. DryJoist easily spans 1800mm without requiring support beams. This makes it an excellent support structure for your deck boards.

Installation is easier with DryJoist than with standard decking whether you’re using timber or composite boards. True, installing a DryJoist component requires standard decking tools just like any other product, but the lightweight aluminium is easier to handle, allowing you to get the job done more quickly and with less physical exertion.

Rooftop Deck and Balconies Made Easy With Aluminium DryJoist

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DryJoist is designed to last. The marine-grade aluminium is rot-proof, mildew-proof, insect-proof, and perhaps most importantly, fireproof. Imagine if it were possible to eliminate maintenance and fire risks simply by installing a single product. To find out how, contact us.

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