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Decking Contractor or DIY, why not have the best of both worlds?


Using a decking contractor may seem silly when you first begin your decking project. You’ve got it planned out in your head and can get the materials from your local big box retailer or home and garden store. But, as anyone who’s ever taken on a home improvement project before knows that things don’t always go according to plan. You’ll find your kit is incomplete, missing pieces that you didn’t think about originally, or that what you’re building doesn’t match the vision you had in your head. It’s frustrating taking on a project like this by yourself, and you may consider just letting a decking contractor do the entire installation for you. Or you may wish for a middle ground, a way to build it yourself while still utilising the assistance of professionals. Luckily, NexGEN Decking can provide the best of both worlds.

Decking Contractor with a DIY Twist at NexGEN

DIY through a decking contractor may sound like a contradiction, however, at NexGEN Decking we can help with all the following details:

  • We can help you with the design of your deck
  • We can provide you with a professional plan
  • We provide you with a complete list of all the products required for your decking job
  • We can deliver the materials in a job lot to your house
  • And we can give you plenty of advice for your unique decking situation, and then leave you to it.

Think of it like cooking: just because someone gives you all the ingredients and a recipe doesn’t make the meal any less yours, and in this case the recipe is very good. NexGEN Decking has years of experience helping people build the decks of their dreams, and only use quality materials and the highest standards when assisting you with your decking project. The end result will be both professionally done and uniquely yours, leaving you with a deck you can be proud of.

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