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Pontoon Docks – NexGEN Has You Covered


When deciding on what type of material to use for pontoon docks, it’s extremely important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages each type of material has to offer. You should take into consideration the lifespan, price, and durability of each material you are considering.

You also need to consider the elements your dock will be exposed to. This is critically vital when weighing all of your building material options. Take into account the ever-present heat of the sun, constant water and salt content your dock will need to be able to withstand. If it isn’t able to completely hold up in these conditions, then it needs to be eliminated from your options.

Timber Decking:

A popular and logical choice for pontoon docks would be wood. Timber pontoon docks are a good option, but you might want to consider something else if you want it to last more than a few years and you don’t want to spend all your spare time maintaining it. Timber if left regularly untreated will grey, warp and rot over time, and will continually need upkeep and maintenance to retain a crisp and clean look.

Capped Composite and Aluminium Decking:

Capped Composite and Aluminium Decking seem to not only be rising in popularity, but are proven to be sturdy materials when considering boat and pontoon docks. NexGEN Decking is a leading capped composite and aluminium decking supplier Australia wide. These options are stain resistant, scratch resistant, mould resistant, weather resistant, termite resistant, fade resistant, splinter resistant, made from recycled content, and have very low maintenance. They truly are leading building materials when considering constructing your very own pontoon dock!

Our Capped Composite Decking has all the look and feel of real timber but without all the hassles involved in maintaining it. Sun, salt and water that are all prevalent with pontoon docks, have no detrimental effects on our capped composite decking. Our capped composite decking products are the only ones on the market that solves the three problems composite decking customers complain most about: colour fade, staining, and mould/mildew. Each board has a non-porous surface layer that is co-extruded into the wood fibre (golf ball cover technology). The nonporous cover is what sets our boards apart from all other composites.

Our Aluminium Decking provides a durable product that is resistant to a range of harsh environmental conditions all of which are found with pontoon docks. The marine-grade aluminium and powder coat finish requires no specific upkeep outside of periodic cleaning with soap and water. Aluminium conducts heat better than most other common building materials making it cooler to the touch. Aluminium weighs less by volume than most other metals and timber. In fact, it is about one-third the weight of other products used in similar pontoon docks applications. This makes it easier to handle and less expensive to ship. Raised ridges and super durable textured powder coat finish creates a non-skid surface. Great for around pools and spas and ideally suited to pontoon docks ramps and any application where slip hazards occur.

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