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Outdoor Rooms – A Few DIY Hacks


With summer fast approaching, the outdoor rooms are calling – these spaces perfectly allow for getting out of the house while staying out of the sun, presenting a perfect mixture of cool shade and lavish landscaping.

Here are some DIY hacks for getting your outdoor rooms up and running – just in the nick of time for summer.

Make it Multipurpose

When you sit down to draft up your plans for your outdoor rooms and pick out your furniture, don’t lock yourself into one season or state of mind. You want your outdoor space to work as well for big group barbecues as it does for intimate dinners with your partner. If you have kids or pets, their needs should be thought of (as should things they can get into – like maybe you shouldn’t invest in an all-glass table set). Most of all, you want your space to be a reflection of yourself. So before you design anything, make a list of five different things you see yourself doing in your outdoor room. Yoga? Brunches with girlfriends? Painting with your kids? Once you have that list, use it to dictate the rest of your design.

Consider Your Coverage

You can go all out and build a full extension off your house and onto your composite deck, constructing 3-walled outdoor rooms that open onto your yard. The greatest bonuses here include being able to wire it for electricity, meaning you can include such amenities as a ceiling fan and all kinds of lighting, making your outdoor space feel like a true extension of your home.

For a lighter feel, look into a simple Shade Sail or similar – since it’s not built in, it won’t bulk up your space, and is therefore great for smaller back yards or courtyards.

For those on a tighter budget, you can get Mother Nature herself to help you out here – a pergola can be built from salvaged or reclaimed building materials, and then covered in thick and fast-growing climbers. While they wont be waterproof outdoor rooms, they will be pretty – and will likely smell nice, too.

Furnish Appropriately

While it might seem like a great idea to pick up some cheap second-hand furniture to throw on the deck, you need to be sure that whatever you’re putting in your outdoor rooms can sustain the weathering it will face. Sun, wind, and rain are all potential hazards to furniture – and should all be considered. Wood furniture can be refinished and made weatherproof, and fabrics can be made water as well as sun repellent with just a few modifications. Alternatively modern furniture designs and latest materials are usually ready to take whatever the weather can throw at them. We are more spoilt for choice than ever before.

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