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Residential Building Materials – Quality Counts


Decks, Fences, Cladding – Look for Quality with  Your Residential Building Materials.

In the world of renovation and new construction, quality reigns king. Whether you’re designing with longevity or aesthetics as your primary concern, choosing residential building materials that are high-quality will make all the difference.

A lot of people associate NexGEN Decking with simply, you guessed it, decking, however our boards can be used for cladding, fencing and screening as well. With all these applications, there are several important factors to consider when choosing high-quality residential building materials that will make the most out of this new addition to your home.

Quality Means Longevity

Decking, fences, cladding and screening constructed from cheap materials will undoubtedly last for  a much shorter period of time than those made with higher-quality residential building materials. If you’re planning on living in your home for at least 5-10 years, you’ll of course want to go with higher-end residential building materials! Additionally, if you have plans to sell your home, potential home buyers can easily tell the difference between good and poor quality decking and fencing materials.  Quality residential building materials that were chosen and installed with a new owner in mind add equal value to your home. People are very savvy these days and can tell inferior quality materials that were just put up so they would look good in the short term.

Don’t be scared to experiment.

NexGEN capped composite decking boards also make great fence in fills and the best part is that there is no ongoing maintenance like with timber.

Quality Means Aesthetics.

When you chose decking or fencing materials that were constructed or manufactured with quality in mind, it shows. Not only do they hold up longer, but also they look good while doing it. These residential building materials are meant to hold up to everything the elements will throw at them, as well as remaining structurally sound throughout the seasons and the years. This means wood that doesn’t warp, rot or fade, vinyl that retains its original colour, and metals that won’t scratch or rust.

Quality Means Transformation.

Regardless of why you’ve installed a deck or fence – be it to ensure privacy, to keep your pets safe, or to give your children a place to play. A deck or fence is working to help transform your yard. A quality deck or fence will help that transformation in more ways than a cheap and poorly constructed product ever will. When it comes to decking and fencing, materials go hand-in- hand with what you are trying to accomplish. So be sure you’ve laid out your needs before you start thinking about your wants. Rest assured, if you’re choosing high-quality residential building materials, you will likely be very pleased with the finished fence or deck.

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