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Low Maintenance Decking – How About No Maintenance


No Staining or Sealing, Ever – With Ultra Low Maintenance Decking

Do you want to enjoy your time off? Then please take some advice. Do not build your deck with timber. Why? Because unless you reseal the wood at least once every year it will twist, rot and warp. Low maintenance decking is the smart choice.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the look of real timber as much as the next person, but the simple fact is that timber outdoors will require lots and lots of ongoing maintenance. So why not have the best of both worlds? NexGEN capped composites are ultra low maintenance decking that looks like real wood.

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So you think that the maintenance wouldn’t be so bad. Well resealing is a messy and smelly process because of the volatile solvents. Furthermore, the process requires lots of work: removing everything from the deck including heavy planters and furniture, thoroughly cleaning the deck wood, removing the splinters and any rot, filling holes with wood compound, and replacing warped boards. Then the expensive sealer must be applied and allowed to dry. The entire time the deck is useless and needs to be avoided by the family. In that most decks provide an entrance to the back yard, the inconvenience is not minor.

Doesn’t it make sense if you could build your deck with ultra low maintenance decking that looked like wood, but required no staining or resealing, ever? The good news is that there is an ingenious modern product that solves all of these problems and looks beautiful the day it is installed and decades later with none of the hassle. The patented technology creates a wood composite by combining recycled wood from the building and furniture industry with a polymer resulting in a durable plank that does not fade, splinter, warp or rot.

Furthermore, the manufacturing process includes the addition of mould, bacterial and UV resistant additives that surpass any such coatings painted onto a traditional wood surface. The end result is a decking capped composite material, that after your deck is built, you simply enjoy it.

The only work you will ever have to do is an occasional sweep or hose off. That’s it! No maintenance. Nothing more to do, no hidden clauses or fine print. Even if you don’t clean it you won’t hurt it, it will simply get dirty.

NexGEN Decking is the manufacturer of this product. What also separates the NexGen capped composite decking from competitors is that the NexGen decking is attached with a unique hidden attachment system that makes installation a breeze and without any screw holes showing.

Today, the best long-lasting decks are made of NexGen capped composite low maintenance decking. It is that simple.