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Maintenance Free Decking is More Than Just a Dream


A deck is a symbol of relaxation and comfort, which is why it’s ironic that so much of the owner’s time will be spent on maintaining the deck instead of enjoying it. Between staining and sweeping, sanding and painting, it can be exhausting spending all your free time up keeping the place you’re supposed to be relaxing on. For those who are looking for a maintenance free solution, NexGEN Decking has you covered.

All of The Strengths, None of The Weaknesses

NexGEN Decking offers aluminium and composite decking that gives you the look, and even the feel, of a traditional deck without the high costs of maintenance. Our decks are immune to vermin like termites, they can shrug off years of exposure to direct sunlight without fading, and spills simply wash off whilst water won’t bother them in the slightest. Once they’re installed, all you have to do is kick up your feet and relax on your deck. No worries, no fuss, just deep breaths and sunshine.

How Does It Work?

NexGEN decking comes in a variety of colours. Most decks are installed on a traditional timber or steel frame using our secret hidden fixing system/ (meaning there’s never a nail or screw on the lounging pad up top to catch your foot on), but some of our decks are installed on existing frames after we’ve pulled up the worn out old timber and others come with their own frame where they pop easily into place (kind of like gigantic, practical Lego blocks). The latter are ideal for the enthusiast who wants a deck quickly, and who doesn’t want to make it a summer-long project. Our decks are simple to install, and they come with a guarantee on stain, fade, and performance for the first 25 years.

Where will you get a better deal than that?

For more information on what NexGEN decking can do for you and your leisure time, simply contact us today!