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Why Only Use Stainless Steel Decking Screws and Fasteners For Composite Decking?


At NexGEN Decking, we only use marine-grade stainless steel decking screws and fasteners for composite decking. Why is this so important?

Quality of Deck Screws and Fasteners Varies (a lot!)

When a homeowner makes a substantial investment in a deck. It is all too easy to overlook the type of screws and fasteners used during assembly. As a result, it is sometimes tempting for builders to cut corners by using plastic fasteners, cheap nails or mild steel screws. In such instances, the builder may increase profit at the expense of the long-term durability, look and structural integrity of the deck.

Ultraviolet (UV) light can break down plastic clips. Nails that pop up under the strain of deck swelling are both unsightly and unsafe. Finally, brittle or sub-standard fasteners may fail when they are bent back and forth during repeated thermal expansion and contraction cycles.

Protect Your Investment

Regardless of where a home is located, a deck is typically subject to onslaughts of weather extremes. Firstly heavy rain and extended wet periods that often simulate a marine/coastal environment. Next the decking is subject to sunshine and blazing hot summers. Sunshine can be great for outdoor entertaining but harsh on your deck. Therefore, there is no better way to extend the life of a deck than by ensuring that the deck is constructed with marine-grade stainless steel decking screws and fasteners. Here at NexGEN decking we ensure that the stainless steel decking screws and fasteners that we provide offer excellent corrosion resistance, exceptional strength and necessary stiffness.

NexGEN composite decking offers a smooth nail and screw-free look thanks to the use of hidden fasteners. NexGEN fasteners are fabricated from 316 stainless steel and finished with a special black oxide coating to limit reflections. These extremely durable fasteners are backed by a 25-year warranty.

Do not be tempted to compromise when it comes to deck construction. Even though the decking screws are barely visible it is a false economy to try to save money with one part that actually holds a deck together. Marine-grade stainless steel decking screws and fasteners are a key component in quality deck assembly. A durable, properly constructed deck provides years of enjoyment, and it is a key part of your residential real estate investment.

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