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How Do I Prep My Deck For Winter?


Decks are a big investment in our homes. You spent time and money putting it up, and now you have every intention of getting the most out of it, despite winter coming on. So how do you make sure that your deck will remain in perfect shape through the winter?

Thorough Cleaning

Getting rid of autumnal debris is the first step. Sweep and scrub out the old leaves and grime. Use the edge of your broom to dig debris out of tight corners. You don’t want rain water collecting behind barriers of debris and creating puddles right where you can step in them.

Use a multi-wash soap and scrub your surfaces down with a wash cloth. You can also take a pressure washer to it for a quicker deep-clean. Doing this once-a-year thorough cleaning will keep the surfaces bright and make sure that your deck can drain properly.

Those who have our low maintenance NexGEN Composite Decking, please follow our cleaning advice.

How Do I Prep My Deck For Winter?
How Do I Prep My Deck For Winter?

Check For Loose Boards And Cracks

It’s a good idea to catch the cracks in Timber decks before the rains come along and make them all too apparent. Move furniture to check for clogs in the joints and cracks between planks. Aluminum and composite wood generally don’t splinter or warp, so this inspection should be just a quick once over.

Our capped composite products are already weather-resistant for up to 25 years and you don’t need to apply any sealant. However, if you have cut the ends of the boards, the cut ends will take quality oil based paint or stains if you want to apply some.

Prepare Your Furniture

Do you have cloth-covered chairs or iron tables on your deck? Take a little time to apply a protective coat to the metal furniture and to cover anything upholstered before the rains get to them. Bring the potted plants in and paint the wooden accessories with water-resistant preservative.

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Our boards are ultra low maintenance, so you can be done prepping your deck in a morning. If you have any questions about keeping up your deck, contact us.

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