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Composite Decking: A Smart Investment for Commercial Properties


Decks are usually associated with residential properties, but adding a deck is a smart move for many business properties, as well. Depending on the configuration and type of property you own, there are several options for adding decking to commercial properties.

The most obvious use for a deck would be for additional seating for any type of restaurant, bar, or café. Increasing the number of table tops equals an immediate increase in revenue in this situation. A deck also adds to the ambiance and atmosphere of any eatery.

Retail businesses can benefit most from adding a deck to the entry. This gives a more upscale appearance to your property, helping to justify price tags and encouraging new customers to come inside. A deck also gives you the space to add an outdoor display and give extra attention to key merchandise or sale items.
Professional and medical offices can also benefit from decking, either on the front or back of the building. A welcoming deck provides space to add seamless wheelchair access, whereas a back deck can be used by employees during lunches and breaks.

The best choice of material for commercial use is composite decking. Composite decking is incredibly low maintenance, saving you money well into the future. Your deck comes with a 25-year stain and fade warranty, which means no worries, no hassles, and no resurfacing or restaining bills. The surface is smooth and safe and holds up well in high traffic situations – perfect for the hospitality industry, or any business with a constant flow of customers. There are several colour options in composite decking as well, so you can coordinate with your property or go bold and attract more interest.

Composite Decking: A Smart Investment for Commercial Properties

Rosewood Composite Decking

Composite Decking: A Smart Investment for Commercial Properties

Aspen Composite Decking – Funkie Brewster Cafe in Victoria

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