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6 Reasons Why Powder-Coated Aluminium Makes a Great Deck


Powder-coating is a method of applying pigment and sealer to surfaces. In it, a finely powdered blend of pigment and resins is applied using an electrostatic charge, and then heated until it melds into a hard coat. This finish is stronger and more durable than paint.

Powder-coating aluminium gives a strong, waterproof surface for your deck or balcony. It has some distinct advantages.

  1. Cooler Surfaces Aluminium’s high thermal conductivity actually helps to dissipate heat, leaving the surface cooler than wood or most composites.
  2. Appearance We have powder-coated aluminium in three finishes, so you have several attractive choices for the appearance of your deck. Its tongue-and-groove installation provides a clean, finished look.
  3. Low Maintenance Powder-coated aluminium doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It does not splinter, rot, or rust. It does not fade and deteriorate in sunlight. It is inedible to termites and other insect pests, and does not succumb to fungus or mold. You do not have to sand, seal, paint, or waterproof it.
  4. Safety – Our method of coating the aluminium means the surface, whether wet or dry, is not slippery. It is fireproof. It does not deteriorate into splinters or slivers, so your family will not get those injuries.
  5. Lightweight Powder-coated aluminium is about half the weight of traditional wooden decking materials.
  6. Ease of Use – Our powder-coated aluminium is designed to install easily on top of your joists. You do not need specialised tools to work with it, and the interlocking deck boards are designed to fit together smoothly.
6 Reasons Why Powder-Coated Aluminium Makes a Great Deck
6 Reasons Why Powder-Coated Aluminium Makes a Great Deck

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