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Outdoor Living Ideas


More and more homeowners have lately found themselves wanting, not only a luxurious interior, but an oasis in their backyards as well. Outdoor living spaces have become one of the most popular additions to custom homes in 2015, and with good reason.  Outdoor living areas allow the owner to maximize the virtual size of the home without the costly renovation expenses.  No need to tear down walls and rewire electrical outlets when you have an entire backyard to extend the decor.  Some popular ideas have developed with this new trend allowing some world-class entertaining.

Fireplace/fire pit.  No need to stay indoors all winter long with the help of these gas or wood burners.  They are a great central location for entertaining friends and family as well.

Outdoors counter.  If you are short on square metres in your backyard, a counter is the perfect solution for an eating area.  It doesn’t take up much room like a formal outdoors dining table would, and it is still completely functional for casual afternoon lunches.

Dining area.  If you are fortunate enough to have ample room, a dining area can be enchanting.  Add a chandelier from a tree branch, and you have an amazing retreat where you can enjoy your company long into the evening hours.

Extended deck.  Larger decks are the perfect foundation for an outdoor living area.  Make it multi-level for an even more diverse scene where you can soak up the views.  Add shade sails and aluminium furniture for a maintenance-free living room.

Swinging daybed.  If you are really looking to maximize your relaxation, add a swinging daybed on your deck.  Pick up a good book and a drink, and daydream the afternoon away.

Covered pergola.  Rain won’t deter your outside living plans if your pergola is covered.  Just be sure that your flooring is spacious enough where you and your guests won’t all be huddled together.

Rustic gazebo.  If the backyard views aren’t ideal, place a focal point that is pleasurable.  A garden or gazebo is the perfect setting to distract you from any stress.

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