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Bunnings Decking or a Specialist Decking Company? What’s the Difference?


You’ve planned and dreamed about the perfect deck. You’re going to enjoy many afternoons watching the children play and enjoying a meal in the fresh air. Now, you just need to sort out whether you will DIY or hire someone to build it for you. You might think the easiest and best way is to use a place like Bunnings. You might even know someone who has Bunnings decking. However, there are some benefits to choosing a specialised firm instead. Here are some of those benefits:

Customer Service

Let’s face it! When you go to one of those big box stores, such as Bunnings, if you do manage to find a store employee, they are typically running around the store with too much to do to answer your questions. Bunnings and other big box retail store workers have such an enormous range of products to deal with on a daily basis that they struggle to keep on top of what they have in stock let alone understand the difference in the types of decking available on the wider market or how to answer your basic questions about planning and installation.

With a decking specialist, they will take the time to listen to your needs and wants and come up with a design for you. They are dedicated to ensuring that you have all of your questions answered. Unlike a big box store, they earn business from customer referrals, and they understand customer service plays a large part in it.


When you buy a deck kit from Bunnings decking or other big box stores, you can find the products are not up to the highest standards. From the product itself to the fixing systems used to put it together, you can end up with an inferior product compared with decking that you can get from a specialised decking company. While you might not worry about it today, you’ll more than likely soon find that the maintenance costs associated with Bunnings decking ends up costing you more in the long run. It turns out you’ll get a better deal by using a specialist decking company.

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At NexGEN Decking, we take the time to listen to our customers and help design a deck for their specific needs. Quality is key for all of the projects we are involved in. We’re really eager to assist regardless of whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or you want a complete design and construct. Contact us to learn more or arrange an estimate.

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