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Steps You Should Take to Make Your Deck Safer


Your outdoor deck design should be an area of tranquillity and relaxation for you and your family. It should be a place for fun and making memories. That is why it is important to insure the safety of your deck when designing and choosing materials. More recently, decking products have been built with safer materials than in the past. Safety standards for decking have also been raised considerably.


If your deck is older, the wood could have issues with ageing or rotting. Water is a wooden deck’s worst enemy and can cause cracks and splitting. Always check your deck for splitting in the materials and avoid wood rot at all costs. You can ensure that you are purchasing quality composite decking and aluminium decking materials when buying from NexGEN decking.

Annual Inspections

An annual deck inspection is a good idea to be positive your deck is up to par when it comes to safety. Some states and some insurance policies require a deck inspection annually. Master Builders Australia can provide a list of safety codes and professionals that are able to properly inspect decking safety. When doing a self-inspection, look for cracks or holes in the wood in areas commonly exposed to wetness or rain. Examine deck railings, support posts and stairs. Look out for dust in the wood, as it may be an indication of pest infestation.

Proper Installation

If you are unsure or uncertain about installing your deck yourself, there are professionals that can insure the safety of your deck. Always have proper instructions and basic knowledge of deck installation if attempting to do it yourself. Proper ledger board flashing is critical to know during this process. Improper installation can result in injury or the undoing of the deck in the long term.

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