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Outdoor Furniture to Complement Your New Decking


As you’re making plans to have a new deck built, you will want to ensure you find the ideal outdoor furniture to help make your deck shine and help you get the most use out of the deck. Here are some things to consider when picking out your new outdoor furniture.


When selecting timber outdoor furniture, you need to remember that all timber will require some sort of maintenance especially outdoors. Fortunately timber outdoor furniture does not suffer with the wear and tear of foot traffic that timber decks do so the maintenance will be much less. For longevity you want to select solid hardwoods only, as they weather the elements far better than species such as pine. Hardwood furniture is the most costly; however, it offers amazing beauty and longevity with minimal maintenance. Hardwood outdoor furniture can last years with a yearly coat of oil. Before purchasing hardwood furniture ensure it is constructed using FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) timber from sustainable forests, which shows the company’s commitment to the environment.

Oak, pine and natural wicker furniture should be avoided as it deteriorates quickly outdoors.

Outdoor Furniture to Complement Your New Decking


Wrought iron and aluminium outdoor furniture can offset your deck beautifully.  Metal furniture offers versatility in style and detailing that you don’t find in timber outdoor furniture. Any scratches to wrought iron furniture should be sanded and repainted immediately to combat damage. Aluminium outdoor furniture makes a great addition to a deck, because it is cost effective, lightweight and easily moved.


Fabric Cushions and Canvas Umbrellas

Umbrellas and cushions add comfort, protection from the sun and flair to your furniture. When selecting pieces to add to your outdoor furniture set, make sure the pieces are UV resistant and weather proof to ensure longevity.  Cushions and umbrellas can be spot cleaned as needed. Every couple of years, you should clean all of your fabric pieces.

In the winter months, if your deck is not covered by a patio or pergola, you should store your furniture in the garage or other shed. If that isn’t possible, cover the furniture with a heavy-duty tarp.

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