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Kid friendly Backyards – Beware of Pressure Treated Timber Decking


It’s time to get rid of that rotting mess in your backyard that once resembled a deck, and you have been scouring home improvement magazines and websites trying to find the perfect kid friendly decking for your family. You imagine summer parties and evening barbeques going late into the night, and your bare-footed kids running back and forth to the pool. So in addition to being stunningly gorgeous, this new deck definitely needs to be kid friendly. Decking that won’t give the kiddos splinters is a must, but most importantly, you should be looking for decking made from composite recycled materials free of harmful chemicals.

Did you know that many pressure-treated wood decking contain toxins that can cause serious illnesses and harm the environment? Definitely not kid friendly. CCA (chromate-copper-arsenate) is a chemical pesticide that is widely used to preserve wood used in decking, playground equipment, fences, and picnic tables. Research shows that the toxic chemical can actually leak out of the wood, causing great risk to those who come in contact with it. These toxins can cause liver and kidney failure, and even cancer.

These pressure-treated decks can even cause soil contamination with arsenic if the toxins leak into the ground below the deck. This can cause contamination of vegetables grown in nearby gardens as well, further placing your family at risk. Kid friendly we think not!

Although many environmental agencies stand by the claim that these types of pressure-treated woods are “reasonably safe when handled appropriately”, there have been several court cases where juries have rewarded victims of these chemicals. Most cases of injury have involved cutting, sawing, or sanding the chemically treated wood.

NexGEN Composite decking is made from locally sourced recycled plastic, timber mill scraps and other materials. Using these materials means we prevent more than 50,000 tons of plastic and other waste from ending up in landfills or incinerators every year. Plus, our composites prevent further deforestation, are free of the toxic chemicals often found in pressure-treated lumber and are manufactured in a process that produces zero water waste. Not only is our decking kid friendly but we’re also environmentally friendly as well.

Kid friendly Backyards – Beware of Pressure Treated Timber Decking

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We know your family’s health and well being is of the utmost importance, and your new deck should be something you can enjoy together, without worries of any potential harm. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our beautiful, kid friendly decking that is free of harmful chemicals.

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