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Plants for Decks


Plants are the most soul-soothing decorations, not to mention the easiest decking idea for anybody, no matter how brown their thumb. And decks are made for plants. Their place near the house make decks a safe place for plants year-round and easy to maintain. Here are few decorating suggestions for perking up your deck decorations with plants.

Consider the following: Banksia shrubs on the deck’s corners give a variety to your deck that is pure Australia. These native plants are easy to maintain and their tubular flowers will give definition to the deck’s shape. You can go wild with the pot; maybe get something that contrasts with the deck colours. Provided you get something big enough to hold the shrub, you can get creative with the container and truly express your deck fashion sense.

Another good way to use plants to decorate your deck is to use trellised plants to line one side of the deck. This can help keep nosy neighbours from looking in on all your deck fun and can also keep guests from missing the end of the deck (especially after a couple of drinks). Beyond the practical purpose, there is the soothing curtain effect. Mandevilla is a good choice for this curtain, since it grows fast and has delicate white flowers that will look elegant hanging over your deck furniture. Going over board with decorative pots to hold these trellised plants would generally detract from your nice wall of trellises, but that choice is up to you. Here’s a tip, look for maintenance free plastic lattice instead of timber.

Accenting your rails with built-in pots that hold colourful flowers is a unique way of making your deck an extension of the garden. It will give the whole deck an organic feel, especially if you use it on a tiered deck on the steps. It will emphasise the space in between the layers. It is relatively easy to build pots into your deck by building around a hollow space.

This is really just the beginning of the many ways you can use plants in deck-decorating schemes. If you have some potting ideas, but need a little help with the execution, contact us. We are excited to help.

Plants for Decks