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Rental Property Maintenance – 3 Ways Capped Composite Decking Can Help


Research has shown that having a quality alfresco area that incorporates decking at your rental property attracts a higher volume of prospective tenants, which in turn should equate to higher rental returns. Adding decking has also proven to have a very good ROI (return on investment). Most common decking materials can have high-maintenance and replacement costs. Here are three reasons using a capped composite decking will greatly reduce rental property maintenance costs.

  • Maintenance: Anytime a deck begins to fade or have a noticeable wear and tear; you will have to consider rental property maintenance or possible replacement. A timber deck or uncapped composite deck will require some form of regular maintenance. At a minimum this will involve deep cleaning to remove ground in dirt, mould and mildew, then re-sanding, re-oiling and re-sealing all with costly products. Also don’t forget about having to re-fix all those nail heads that pop up ready to catch bare feet. Worse still some boards may need to be replaced or even complete replacement is highly likely unless the regular maintenance is performed every 6 months. This can quickly become very expensive, especially with multiple properties. NexGEN’s Capped Composite decking is guaranteed for a quarter of a century! Add your rental property maintenance costs up now and compare it to the lifetime cost of NexGEN Capped Composite (especially if you have multiple rental properties). The material is fade, stain and scratch resistant. It never warps or rots and requires no oiling, sealing or staining.
Rental Property Maintenance – 3 Ways Capped Composite Decking Can Help
  • Time: As they say, “time is money.” It can take many man-hours to install a new deck for your rental. There are several processes that must be completed before the deck is ready to be used, including, oiling, sealing and sanding. If you do one process wrong, you will have to start over. With capped composite decking, these processes are not required. Simply put the deck together and start enjoying it. Another timesaving trait is the simple secret fixing system that avoids any fixings or blemishes on the deck surface. You will also save an incredible amount of time due to the lack of rental property maintenance that will be required on your capped composite deck.
  • Safety: Capped Composite material is extremely safe for children and pets. All materials are eco-friendly and toxic-free. This material is also splinter-free, slip-resistant and the hidden fixing system prevents nail head protruding from the surface of the deck. Nail heads catching bare feet, rotten timber that people can fall through and mouldy slippery decks can cause an array of individual injuries. Preventing these personal injuries can potentially save you a lot of money and stress if a tenant were to ask for medical payments.

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When adding decking to rental properties, first consider the ongoing rental property maintenance costs then compare that with the total cost of owning a NexGEN Capped Composite Deck that is guaranteed for 25 years! To learn more about this unique material, contact us.

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