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Decking Ideas and Latest Top Trends


The outdoor living space is one of the most influential areas of the home when it comes to resale value. Buyers today want, not only an inviting house, but an outdoor area where they can relax and entertain as well. Gone are the days where a small patch of lawn out the back would suffice, so if you’re thinking of doing a remodel on your out-dated backyard, consider some of the top trends in decking ideas for the modern homeowner.

One of the latest trends and therefore most requested improvements to out-dated back yards is to build a deck, but not out of timber, instead homeowners are upgrading to capped composite materials. It is common knowledge that all wood decks are susceptible to splintering, rotting, mould, and termites. New capped composite decks made of recycled plastics and wood fibres are desirable based on the ultra low maintenance aspect and flexibility of design. Not only are they resistant to the common problems that plague timber and uncapped composites, but also they’re easily adapted to the latest in decking ideas, which is a curved appearance. A deck made from capped composite materials can be heated up to the point of moulding it to practically any custom shape.

Multi level decks offer new decking ideas that are now hitting their stride in the market as well. These are perfect for creating, not just a backyard, but entirely separate living quarters. Imagine a fully functional kitchen area on the top deck leading to stairs, which step down to a cosy sitting area around a fireplace. When having guests pay a visit, having multiple areas to entertain keeps the perspective fresh.

Visually, buyers are also looking for decking ideas that vary from the basic brown. Grey decks are all the rage with the implementation of multi chromatic capped composite materials. The colour gives a more modern vibe, can be highly varied in color, usually grayish or olive brown, sometimes with streaks of blue, or purple and darker black streaks, while the multiple tones can imitate the look of real wood that traditionalists prefer.

Whichever your style, a large, ultra low maintenance deck will never be a wrong choice when it comes to updating the outside of your home. Please contact us for more information and decking ideas on your next decking project.

Decking Ideas and Latest Top Trends