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How to Choose a Reliable Deck Builder Contractor To Install Your New Deck


If you are not the DIY type and prefer to hire a deck builder to install your new deck, finding a reliable contractor is an important first step. However, this task is not always an easy one. If you have never been through this process it is natural to have concerns. Here are a few things you should do before choosing a deck builder contractor.

Ask Around

If you know someone who has hired a deck builder or carpenter in the past, that is a perfect place to start. Family and friends will not hesitate to refer someone they know and trust, nor will the hesitate to tell you about past experiences that did not go well.

Another option is to check with your decking supplier. They come into contact with deck builders and contractors regularly, and can offer advice and suggestions on who to choose for your home improvements. Ideally you will want to have 3-4 prospective deck builder contractors to choose from.

Set Up A Meeting

Once you have a few choices, its time to make some phone calls. Set up face-to-face meetings with each deck builder contractor on your list. The idea is not just to get an estimate on the project, but to also get a personal feel for the person who will be working for you.

Prepare questions in advance, ask for references from past clients, and be sure to ask for proof of insurance. The right deck builder will not hesitate to hand over a list of references, and should answer your questions in a way that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

How to Choose a Reliable Deck Builder Contractor To Install Your New Deck

Scope of Work

Before you rush off and agree to the lowest quote, make sure your preferred deck builder has fully detailed exactly what they’re offering to do for the price. Ask for what is included and get them to list it in detail. If there are any exclusions then make sure your preferred deck builder lists those as well.


Variations are a common part of any home improvement project and your chosen deck builder will possibly come across a problem that was not evident when the quotation was prepared. Before your new deck project begins insist that any and all variations are documented and costed separately and approved by you before work commences.

Check References

It might be tempting once you have estimates in hand to go with the lowest bidder, but cheaper is not always better.  Checking deck builder references is a must when it comes to making a final decision.

Prepare a few questions and make the calls so you are certain the references check out. The right deck builder contractor will have extensive knowledge and previous experience installing decking. Their references should verify this for you.

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