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Coastal Living: Durable Decor and Colourful Creative Ideas For Amazing Outdoor Spaces


One of the best parts of living in Australia is the many kilometres of beautiful shoreline that surround this continent.

Australia lands seventh in the world for the most miles of coastline for countries and continents on the planet with 16,007 miles or 25,760 km to be exact. Meanwhile, our nearest neighbour to the Northeast, New Zealand also lands on this roster in the number nine slot with 15,134 km or 9,404 miles of shores. This makes coastal living in these areas in high demand and excellent locations for Australians and Kiwis to hang their hat. However, these homes are subject to the harmful effects of Mother Nature being so close to the ocean. From damp, dewy morning fog to heavy afternoon winds and high-concentrations of salt in the air, these elements wreak havoc on these houses. Let’s look at best decking for coastal areas and some creative and durable ways residents on and near the beach are enjoying their outdoor spaces and places without ruining their houses in the process.

Choosing Coastal Colours and Shades

According to The Spruce, a popular indoor-outdoor decor site offering tips and tricks for homeowners, there are many shades and colours to compliment these coastal locations. The majority of these hues fall into choices that are similar to outdoor surroundings including these paint colours to adorn these exteriors (and interior) surfaces:

Blues: Embracing the colour of sky and water, blues are a popular choice for painting houses in these regions. These options include deep royal blues and lighter-coloured shades that blend well with the oceanic environment. Blue is also the most favourite colour in the world and embraced by at least one reputable real estate source.

Grey: Since fog is almost always a regular occurrence on and near these beaches, grey is a great way to accept these common occurrences. Similar to San Francisco, these coastlines are socked in with these thick blankets. Instead of dreading these occurrences, many are happy to embrace these conditions when using this colour.

Beige: Often matching sandy beaches seen nearby, beige is an excellent option for a colour choice. There are many shades available from dark to light, subtle to substantial. While many see it as a bland option, it’s a great way to blend with surroundings.

White: Along with the clouds and sometimes white sandy beaches, white blends well with this beachy area. As many home decor experts and homeowners are aware, the colour “white” comes in dozens, perhaps hundreds of options. From eggshell to more extreme and darker choices, find the right shade to fit your decor.

Along with these similar shades, The Spruce’s online article also suggests colours that contrast with the area that may embrace flora and fauna found in this region. For example, a couple of other colour recommendations are a mellow, flowery, peach parfait suggestion, or a brighter pink coral shade choice.

Coastal Living: Durable Decor and Colourful Creative Ideas For Amazing Outdoor Spaces

Embracing Maritime Motifs and Oceanic Options

As almost anyone who frequents restaurants, businesses, and homes near the coast will recognise, maritime motifs and oceanic decorations are heavy-duty in these areas. As well, they should be and are often part of home decor both inside and out. Seashells sold by Sally down by the seashore (say that five times fast) along with anchors aweigh fare very well and are a welcome addition to these parts.

Do a quick online search for a nearly unlimited selection of options to adorn your outdoor spaces and places. Using terms like “outdoor home decor,” and users will discover everything from dolphins to tortoises, pelicans, and seagulls galore. Perhaps a mythical mermaid, a wall-mounted Marlin, or rustic lighthouse could add a splash of colour to your exterior areas.

Weather-Resistant Materials

While the outdoor decor and furniture choices are plentiful, these exterior choices should be made of materials that will hold up under coastal scrutiny. This includes things like concrete and heavier ceramics that repel moisture and won’t blow over due to high winds. Different metals are subject to rust and corrosion, especially in salty environments.

Picturesque Porches, Playful Patios, and Delightful Decking Choices. Best Decking for Coastal Areas.

These are the places and spaces where beach-front homeowners spend a great deal of time and need some equally great options that are both durable and affordable. Porches and decking plans are plentiful but choices for beachfront or coastal locations need to embrace these unique circumstances. They need to be fade-resistant and able to stand up to whatever weather throws at them on a daily level.

This includes low and no-maintenance options that will stand up to the test of time. They also encompass many of the colour choices previously mentioned. For example, materials like composite decking have many advantages over traditional options made of wood. Among the many rewards homeowners reap from choosing composite over timber include:

  • Less maintenance
  • Costs less over its lifetime and lasts longer
  • Eco-friendly and toxin-free
  • Slip-resistant and splinter-free makes these surfaces safer

Learn more about why NexGEN manufacturers Australia’s best composite decking boards.

Capped composite decking has come a long way over the years and looks more like real wood than previous products. Today’s composite choices contain subtle streaking, varied wood grain patterns, that mirror many types of exotic hardwoods that reflect the beauty of nature. They also come in a wide range of colours to compliment beachfront properties and nearby coastal communities.

Being Cool by the Pool

Another common outdoor space seen near many coastal houses is swimming pools. Composite decking also stands up to harsh pool chemicals and sea salt pools that are becoming more popular for homeowners with property near the beach. Speaking of these sandy shores, this is another place where grey and beige colour choices blend well with these surroundings.

Waterproof to Withstand the Weather

Another option often overlooked by today’s consumers is an aluminum board concept with DryDeck 2.0 that’s both water and fireproof. With an innovative tongue and groove design, the surface stays cooler to the touch compared to traditional decking options. As an added bonus, the deck boards provide an integrated gutter system that provides a dry, usable area underneath the deck. It’s designed to withstand high traffic and hold up under the most demanding conditions and applications.

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