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Badly weathered decking is not something you have to live with


Time to Say Goodbye to Badly Weathered Decking.

There aren’t many things that can bring a backyard down like badly weathered decking.  The Australian climate definitely takes it toll on decking, but a bad deck is not something you have to live with.

If your deck is starting to show its age, there are steps you can take to prevent it from becoming badly weathered.

Sun Damage – The easiest way to protect your deck from sun damage is to cover it.  This can be done with a modern pergola, a roof extension, or with a traditional awning.  If you prefer to enjoy the sun, then you should treat your timber deck with a deck finish containing UV inhibitors to prevent it from drying out in the hot, summer sun.

Rain – No matter what covering you add to your deck, rain will still find a way to seep into the tiniest crack and cause damage.  You must protect against water rot by applying a waterproofing sealer at least every year.  A good way to tell if you need to reseal is to watch the water on your deck.  If the water does not bead up, it is soaking into the wood and you should reseal your deck as soon as possible.

Temperature – Heat and cold are equally to blame for badly weathered decking.  The swelling and shrinking of timber boards in extreme temperatures can affect the structure and safety of your deck.  One tell-tale (and not-so-safe) sign that your deck is suffering is nailheads sticking up from the deck boards.  Your first and immediate step is to pound the nails back down.  A more permanent solution would require replacing all your fasteners – just make sure they are corrosion-resistant.

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Of course, if your deck is too far gone, you can contact us to find out how a NexGEN Decking system can provide you with a worry-free, ultra low-maintenance deck that you can enjoy for years to come. Our decks are made to last, even through extreme Australian weather.

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