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BBQ Tips – 3 Simple Hints to Help


When the sun is shining and you are planning a party, why not entertain your guests with outdoor cooking? Here are some BBQ tips to help.

Eating food prepared on the bbq is always a good choice, because the bbq offers you almost limitless possibilities on what you can serve. Whether you want to offer nicely grilled meats and vegetables or grilled fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth, eating outside is always a fun experience. So without further ado, here are 3 bbq tips for your next outdoor cooking soirée.

BBQ Tips #1. Decide on your menu and plan ahead

When having a bbq, you need a nice assortment of foods. If your guests have special dietary needs, you want to make sure to respect their requests. A great option for your guests is a variety of kebabs. Kebabs are not only delicious, you can also personalise them based on whether you want to use chicken, beef, lamb, or pork – all the way down to a variety of vegetables and even fruit. That way, your guests can omit what they don’t like and only pick what they do like.

BBQ Tips #2. Make sure your bbq is hot

When you are cooking meats on the bbq, your best bet is to use a really hot grill – that way, you can sear the outside of the meat and get a nice crust on it, while also sealing in the juices. The caramelisation on the outside not only makes it look good, but also provides delicious flavour, especially when cooking on a charcoal grill.

BBQ Tips #3. Use a combination of indoor and outdoor cooked food

This helps to take some of the pressure off the cook who is in charge of cooking outside. Doing things like baking bread in your indoor oven, or making a pasta side dish inside will help not only make the bbq tong master’s job easier, but also diversify your menu. Making some food ahead of time using both indoor and outdoor cooking spaces allows you and your guests to have a more relaxed experience.

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And the best part of cooking outside on your NexGEN deck is the fact that if you spill grease, food or sticky drinks, it’s simple to clean – all you need is some soapy water to remove it. To find out more about how we can enhance your outdoor cooking experience, please contact us.

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