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Unsure Which Decking is Right for You? Get Our Free Deck Samples Today!

The number of options for making your deck the perfect backyard oasis is staggering — colour and composition are just the tip of the iceberg, and that doesn’t even begin to cover the services that come along with the decking material you do choose. Free deck samples can help make the decision a bit easier. With free deck samples, you can take your time in looking at the materials, feeling them against your skin, and taking them outside in your yard at any time of day to see how they’ll do.

Our free deck samples aren’t just a way of determining which decking will work for you – it’s the way of determining which decking will work for your home! Choose a colour and material that will match your home, your yard, and your whole-house personality.

What We Offer

Capped Composite Deck Samples

We offer free deck samples for five capped composite decking boards – Rosewood, Ipe, Greystone, Acorn, and Aspen.

Rosewood provides a stunning and natural red blush that will bring brilliant light to any deck and home. The high polish and detailed wood grain will leave your deck looking stunning at any time of the year, while gleaming with a natural beauty. Available in 4.90 metre (16 foot) lengths, 137mm wide x 24mm thick double sided boards.

Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) presents a lighter tone than Rosewood, in golden brown and tan tones that bring life and fluidity to any backyard. With contrasting colours and striping, Ipe gives a glow and beauty that can’t be beat. Available in 4.90 metre (16 foot) lengths, 137mm wide x 24mm thick double sided boards.

Greystone is a prime choice for those looking for a sleek and contemporary deck experience. Offering multiple shades of grey streaked through each board, Greystone is never dull or flat — instead, the grey of Greystone is vibrant and sleek, offering stunning beauty to any user. Available in 4.90 metre (16 foot) lengths, 137mm wide x 24mm thick double sided boards.

Acorn is a stunning choice for those looking to achieve a rich brown tone on their deck. Easy to make work with any home or backyard, Acorn provides a natural colouring that brings any deck to life in an effortless and natural way. Available in 4.90 metre (16 foot) lengths, 127mm wide x 20mm thick single sided boards.

Aspen provides a second choice for those seeking a sleek and modern deck option. It’s deep and rich grey tones offer a darker option than Greystone, bringing depth to your decking. You may even find streaks of purple, black, and blue within your Aspen decking, giving it true multi-dimensionality and life. Available in 4.90 metre (16 foot) lengths, 127mm wide x 20mm thick single sided boards.

Free Deck Samples for Aluminium Decking

Aluminium Decking is truly the next generation of decking. Providing a durability and longevity to deck life that cannot be beat, aluminium decking is strong, durable, and highly resistant to staining, dirt, and outdoor exposure. Available in 200mm deck board width, 25mm thick, standard decking length of 4.9metres

Aluminium DryDeck is a Marine-grade aluminium, the perfect application for those looking to take their aluminium decking to the next level, with the added bonus of being a fireproof decking. Its non-skid texture stays cooler than traditional wood decking, making it a great pool-side fixture. Available in 152mm deck board width, 25mm thick, and 5.0 metre standard decking lengths with longer lengths possible by special order.

Aluminium DryJoist performs three major tasks in one easy to install application, making it perfect for decks as well as balconies. It provides you with the seamless beauty of a deck, a waterproofed space, as well as a finished ceiling for the area beneath. It’s waterproof solution eliminates the need for wooden joists, creating a 100% dry space beneath.

Whatever your decking needs, explore our options with a free deck samples box today!

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