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Back Garden Trends for Australians in 2020


For most homeowners, the back garden is your private escape from the rest of the world. It is the one outdoor area that you can make entirely your own. A private paradise for you and your family. And for trendy homeowners thinking toward a 2020 back-garden design, the latest garden designs are perfect for creating your own little slice of heaven.

Last year is leaving behind the mild greys and bold flower beds, for a more future-forward look at landscaping as a whole.  Homeowners are planning for a long happy future in their current homes and are putting down roots. With long-term designs that are bound to be beautiful and adaptable in the years to come. Let’s take a closer look at the back garden trends that will be hot in 2020.

Flexible Landscaping that Scales With Your Lifestyle

Instead of choosing a single landscaping design for life. Homeowners are leaning toward flexible landscaping designs that can grow and change with a long-predicted lifetime in your current home.

Of course, your tastes will change in the next ten years. But do you really want to rip up your flower beds and redesign everything each time you think of a new landscaping feature you’d like to add or replace?

Cutting-edge landscaping trends are cutting out the idea of fully rebuilding your back garden every few years. Instead, flexible landscaping is designed to scale with your family and your lifestyle.

Create long-lasting flower beds that can serve multiple purposes over the years. Maybe you want azaleas this year, but maybe you’ll want a rectangular pond next year. The same pergola that you’ve draped in linen for a shady family gathering spot this year can be twinned with vining plants. Or built out into a pagoda using the same sturdy infrastructure.

For each aspect you choose, consider how it can be used differently as your tastes grow and change.

Back Garden Trends for Australians in 2020

Family-Friendly Gardening that Grows With Your Children

Then there’s the whole family to consider. Families with children often forget just how quickly those children grow in terms of landscaping design.

A child’s toddler playset and sandpit may be quickly outgrown in a few years as they age out of these “baby toys” but the landscaping assets don’t have to be scrapped.

The latest trend in family-friendly back garden design emphasises designs that grow with your children. That little concrete sand pit, can be converted into a vegetable garden. Children can grow their own snacks with all the delight and wonder of watching their creations come to life. Or it can be filled with water and turned into a pond for pet frogs and lizards. Or built into a safe fire pit for marshmallow roasting and spooky back garden camping stories.

A water feature that was once a place for babies to splash can become a bird-bath. Or a delightful fountain that is part of your growing child’s magical back garden pretend games. And then later become the water source for a flowing zen meditation garden.

Outdoor Living Spaces with All the Comforts of the Indoors

With three enjoyably warm seasons out of the year and relatively mild winters, spending time outdoors has always been an Australian family favourite.

One of the ways we celebrate our mild climate is with the traditional verandah deck. Bringing the inside of our homes out with comfortable patio chairs and our barbeque equipment.

In 2020, expect to see even more advancement in outdoor living spaces. Australians are turning their decks into roofed open-air living rooms. A wonderful place just the other side of a sliding glass door where family time spills out into the night air. Whether you’re hosting friends for an evening of socialising and fun or watching your children play in the back garden,  Australians are enjoying a full life outdoors with all the amenities.

Gardens for Balconies and Rooftops Bring Greenery Above the Ground

In fact, we’re not stopping at the verandahs. As Australian homeowners realise that the indoors can come out, we’re taking to the balconies and rooftops like never before.

Balcony gardens are hot, and not just because they get plenty of sunlight. Trough planters and even planters built directly into your patio tables bring the greenery to life above ground where we love to be surrounded by the Australian sky and the arboreal bliss of the back garden.

Even rooftops are being transformed with pavers and beautiful decking to cover the original roofing infrastructure. In fact, entire deck living spaces can be put together to turn your roof into an additional outdoor room where friends and family delight in spending time in the open air.

Modern City Gardening that Incorporates Modern Architecture

If you live in the city, there are 2020 garden trends galore. One of the biggest things in urban landscaping is incorporating living walls of plant life and cleverly placed trough planters into the architecture itself. Interesting angles and clear glass are used to create incredible visual art pieces that incorporate greenery in ways that we are just now starting to imagine.

Consider lines of greenery in a concrete wall, in a way that flows so smoothly that it’s almost hard to tell where the garden stops and the building starts. This is not just beautiful, it’s also great for the ambient air quality.

Back Garden Trends for Australians in 2020
Back Garden Trends for Australians in 2020
Back Garden Trends for Australians in 2020

Dramatically Dark Deck Colours Accented with Clear Glass

A final note on how colour is changing. In the past few years, we have seen soft neutrals and greys as the general trend but the Australian gardening future is more dramatic. Dark deck colours and fencing are taking over to create an attractive contrast with the open sky and the brightly coloured garden greenery.

Interestingly, these dark decks are being accented more often with clear glass walls instead of fencing, or integrated in a modernistic and unpredictable way.

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