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DIY home projects to tackle over Easter or whilst quarantined


Do you love making home improvements over the weekends?

If you’re handy with a hammer and some basic tools, you probably enjoy DIY projects. You can work with your hands and complete most projects in two days. However, there are probably a few DIY projects on your list that you know are going to take longer than two days to complete.

Good news. Easter is almost here, and with this holiday, you get a long weekend. If you’re undecided as to which DIY project you want to tackle, here are some great ideas for the long Easter weekend.

DIY Decking

If your old deck or patio is crumbling or no longer functional, you probably aren’t enjoying your outdoor space as much as you could be. You’ve probably been meaning to get started on this DIY project but short weekends don’t provide enough time, making Easter weekend the ideal time for a DIY decking project.

Have you been looking for easy options for DIY decking? DIY DeckCell Subframe is just what you’ve been looking for. Once you’ve laid the subframe, you lay the DIY composite deck boards on top.

With the long holiday weekend ahead of you, you can make plans to install a new deck with these easy DIY deck options. Deckcell is so simple that if you can piece together Lincoln Logs or Legos, you can build a deck using Deckcell and NexGEN Composite Decking.

DeckCell requires an ultra-low minimum height compared to other more traditional deck subframes.  Deck Cell is practically indestructible and will never degrade or fail. Manufactured from recycled, hard-wearing polypropylene, Deck Cell is indefinitely resistant to chemical and bacterial attack and degradation.

The DIY composite decking comes in a beautiful range of natural colours you’d find in nature and complements your home’s colour scheme. Subtle streaking in the boards adds depth and texture to your deck. The boards are resistant to staining, fading, insect infestation, and decay to keep your deck looking fresh for many years.

NexGEN DIY Decking boards are manufactured in the USA by Fiberon Decking. Backed with a lifetime limited warranty and 50 years stain and fade warranty.

What are some other benefits of DeckCell with NexGEN capped composite decking boards?

DIY home projects to tackle over Easter or whilst quarantined
Here are some things to consider:

Here are some things to consider:

Both DIY deck options come with detailed, easy-to-follow installation guides.
Deckcell and NexGEN Decking are fast and easily installed.
They don’t require special tools and machinery for installation.
They don’t require expensive trades.
You don’t need to pull up old pavers before installation.

Renovate a Guest Loo

Is your guest loo looking a little out of date with carpet floors and a vanity that was last in style in the 1980s?  While you wouldn’t normally consider this a weekend job, the Easter holidays give you a couple of extra days to complete the project.

Before Easter arrives, it’s a good idea to go ahead and place an order for any items you might need to complete the project. This can include a new toilet, bidet, vanity, flooring, paint, and other odds and ends. With the long weekend stretching ahead of you, it’s possible to replace the lighting as well.

If you’re good with tools and understand the basics of plumbing, you can replace your existing vanity and toilet with something more modern and trendy. You can pull up your flooring and replace it with gorgeous hardwood floors or ceramic tiles.

The extended weekend offers plenty of time for paint, grout, and other adhesives to dry before you need to return to work. A small loo renovation is a great project for an extended weekend.

Child’s Play Area

Have your kids been begging you to build them a backyard play area? Of course, they want something a lot more elaborate than a simple slide and a couple of swings. Your kids want a castle with climbing walls and swinging bridges. They dream of multiple slides and a kitchen area or home space for make-believe.

You know this is a project that you need longer than a weekend to complete, and you also know that it’ll be next to impossible to keep your kids off of it in between the weekends needed to complete the project. A partially created child’s play area presents a danger to your kids. The long Easter weekend provides you with all the time you need to complete the play area.

Ahead of the Easter break, go ahead and have all the wood, hardware, slides, swing sets, and everything you need to assemble delivered to your home. You don’t want to try finding these items over a holiday. Don’t forget to buy a wood sealant to protect the beams and sand for the sandbox.

DIY home projects to tackle over Easter or whilst quarantined

Garden Arbor

If you’re handy with tools and have the right saws, you can easily build a luxurious garden arbor over the holiday weekend. Imagine sitting on the swing under the arbor with your partner when the weather is nice. This is a project that adds curb appeal to your home and provides you more reasons to spend time outside.

You need to start with blueprints to build the garden arbor and make sure that you have all of the tools necessary to complete the job. If you start on Friday morning, you should be able to watch the kids hunting for Easter eggs from the swing under the arbor with your partner Sunday afternoon.

Other DIY Projects to Consider

  • Build an outdoor umbrella table
  • Put up a backsplash in your kitchen
  • Construct a garden cart
  • Build folding Adirondack chairs
  • Place a boardwalk through your backyard
  • Design and build a raised garden bed
  • Building stacking totes
  • Repaint the walls in your home
  • Build a garden shed
  • Turn an existing shed into a man cave or she shed (You might need to flip a coin on this one)
  • and so many more projects.

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The long Easter weekend presents you with the time to complete some of the longer DIY projects that you’ve been planning for months. At NexGEN Decking, we can help you get started on your Easter weekend DIY decking project with the best material available. Contact us today to learn more.

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