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Why Add A Level To Your Deck In Your Sloped Backyard?


If you have a sloped backyard, congratulations. They provide a lovely view and assure you that you will always see guests before they make it to your door. However, landscaping a sloped yard can be tricky. One thing that might work is a multi-leveled deck.

Perhaps you have seen a multi-leveled deck? They can be two decks connected by a set of stairs, an elevated area in the middle of a deck, or a series of deck tiers reminiscent of a wedding cake. How you design the levels is up to you. Whatever the design, there are some distinct advantages to building decks with different levels in sloped backyards.

1. Provides More Space

One drawback with sloped backyards is that it is hard to use the ground. Plants get confused and you can’t safely put playsets or benches on a slope. Multi-level decks can provide the even, flat spaces you need, making the whole slope usable. You can make a level near your door that looks like a traditional deck, and then have a connected, lower deck sport playsets and planter gardens.

2. Sets Up Defined Zones

Many flat yards employ paths or walls to define spaces. You know, you are walking along the lawn and run into a walled off kitchen garden, or you are walking along a path and on one side is roses and the other side is a water feature.

Well, you can create the same effect with decks. You can have an elevated area dedicated to a barbecue and tables, and another lower area for your planter garden. A pool can be in one level of the deck, while lounge chairs for sunbathing can be on another. The zones are up to you.

3. Helps With Drainage

Tiers of decks can be used to direct water to your preferred drain instead of letting water run down hill in sheets. The different layers will catch rain all along the slope. If you use capped composite decking, it can’t drip between the slats so you will have total control over any pipes or tunnels you want to create for rain water. You will be master of the water element in your yard.

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