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Make Your Rooftop Garden Shine With Capped Composite Decking


Rooftop gardens are the last word in luxury: think of the hanging gardens of Babylon or the famous club in New York City. And what really makes them shine is their accessories. There are a number of additions that you can add to your roof that involve capped composite decking material that will provide a particularly posh touch.

Stand Up Bar

Your guests will be very impressed when you serve them drinks on the roof. They can eat and drink while soaking in the Sydney skyline. This can be in the open air and blended into the background of your garden, or you can go for Tiki vibe by adding umbrellas or a canvas covering. Whichever your style, the range of colours capped composite decking offers will complement it.

Sheltered Porch

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a rooftop garden is to just sit and relax. In order to do this, you will need an area protected from the elements and evenly surfaced so that you can put a deck chair on it. This is where a sheltered porch comes in handy. You build a low, wide box and attach slats to the sides. Then put a roof over this with the decking material. This will provide a gazebo for your lawn chair on hot days so that you can catch a breeze high above the city while lounging in the shade.


Gardens with only a flat expanse of greenery are kind of bland. A great way to give a garden more depth is through planters. It adds literal layers and lets you fill out walls with flowers. And all you have to do is build a deep box with no lid, fill it with soil, and then plant away.

Star-gazing Platform

There is no greater purpose to getting closer to the stars than to watch them. You can host star-gazing parties from your roof, or stand up there alone with a star atlas and try to name constellations. This will be easier if you build a simple platform and then attach a telescope to it. Capped composite decking makes a very sturdy base for your telescope, so go ahead and invest in a powerful one.

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