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Waterproof Decking over Living Spaces or Storage Spaces


Waterproof Decking over Living Spaces – High Quality and Low Maintenance

Finding ways to make the most out of the living space of our homes continues to be a challenge. Now you can take advantage of the outside space of your home on every level. Waterproof decking provides an attractive additional living space above or below the deck surface. The spaces between decking on a traditional deck are made for the primary purpose of drainage and prevent the deck from puddles. That eliminates the possibility of utilising that space. With waterproof composite decking you get an amazing product that not only doesn’t sacrifice existing space but also allows for additional living space for enjoying the outdoors!

Waterproof decking over living space or storage space, the choice is yours.

Thinking about adding a deck but don’t want to sacrifice space underneath? If so, you should consider waterproof decking. Simply put, waterproof decking uses materials that keep the area underneath completely dry and available for any use. It is an ideal product for elevated decks or balconies. The deck itself is designed with a single layer of material and an invisible gutter system that makes the deck completely waterproof.

Waterproof decking is made from aluminum boards that are textured to protect from slips. Typically there are a few colour choices as well. Because of its material, the deck is durable and easy to maintain. The main attraction to this type of deck is simply that it is waterproof. The area underneath can even be used for entertaining without fear of water dripping on people’s heads or on to their food if you are having a party.

Aluminium waterproof decking approved for use in BAL-40 and Flame Zone areas.

The material is fire-proof, will not rot and is not susceptible to damage from insects. Its surface is cool despite the thought that aluminum would get hot under foot in the blazing sun. The product features make it great for families as well. It’s safe, durable and will stand the test of time (and withstand your kids). It’s easy to clean spills or similar messes and the material does not contain harsh chemicals so it’s safe as well!

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