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Natural Look Composite is Beautiful and Functional In One


Natural Look Composite decking is a great way to add beauty and durability to your outdoor space.

In Australia we have a fantastic ability to be able to spend much of our time outdoors. With all this wonderful weather, you really want to be happy with both the looks and function of your outdoor living spaces. Decking some or all of your courtyard or alfresco area is a great way to add beauty and performance. NexGEN capped composite decking is a natural look composite that provides all this along with many other benefits, which have been listed in many previous posts.


When you build a traditional wooden deck, it may look good for a while. But after a short time, it will begin to show wear and tear. It will start to fade, potentially crack around screw or nails and create many ongoing chores like sanding, oiling, painting and hammering back down nails to name a few.
Wood, although beautiful, is susceptible to weathering, aging, and insect damage. When you get a deck made of wood, you are looking at a great deal of maintenance over its lifespan.

However, there is a better option than traditional wood; natural look composite decking.

This alternative offers you an ultra low-maintenance deck that can be enjoyed for years and years without the worry of fading, damage, splinters, or insect damage. A natural wood deck would never come close to being able to offer you a 25 year stain and fade warranty but with NexGEN premium range of decking that is exactly what you get.


But you don’t want a deck that looks different. If you like the traditional look of wood, there is no need to worry; with NexGEN natural look composite decking, you will get exactly that. Our natural look composite decking offers you beautiful wood grain and detail that gives it an authentic “real wood” appearance.

For example, you can capture the warmth from wood with the colour Acorn. With beautiful warm brown tones, this decking type would compliment any home. Or, if your home has a more modern feeling, you should consider getting the beautiful Aspen finish. It offers beautiful shades of grey with a taupe undertone.

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NexGEN natural look composite decking is a great choice when building a deck at your home. You can get the look of real wood, but without all the back breaking hassles that come from a traditional wooden deck. To learn more about how we can create your dream deck, please contact us.

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