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Stain And Fade Resistant Decking


Stain and fade resistant decking doesn’t cost a lot more and it has a 25 year stain and fade warranty for peace of mind.

Anyone who has a family or entertains knows that things like staining, fading, and wearing are expected when it comes to just about anything in your home, including your outdoor living space, which can really take a beating. What if we told you that you could actually have stain and fade resistant decking built in your backyard? Our capped composite decking boards will give you all that and so much more.

Stain Resistant

Of course when you’re hosting a dinner party, a weekend celebration, or even just hanging out the back with your family, your deck will be subjected to lots of stains. Anything from BBQ grease, red wine, and coffee, all the way to mould, mud, and dirty footprints. These are all things that are inevitable, so it only makes sense to come up with a way to block them from causing any harm to your deck. Capped composite decking will do just that. It is extremely resistant to staining.

Weather Resistant

You can’t control the weather, but what you can control is how you defend your home against it. If you want a long lasting deck that can stand up to the elements with ease, capped composite decking is just what you need. These decking boards are exceptionally resistant to fading from any and all types of weather. You’ll never have to worry about sanding, staining, or refinishing your deck in order to stand up to the atmosphere.

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