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Deck Design Ideas – Part 1


7 Deck Design Ideas to Make Your Outside Space Stand Out [Part 1]

Your outside space can be more than just a boring set of planks. With just a bit of creativity and expertise, you can turn it into an entertainment and relaxation space that you can enjoy for years to come. To help you get there, here are 7 deck design ideas that can make your outside space stand out.

1) The Gazebo

Incorporating a gazebo into your deck serves a variety of purposes. During hot summer days, it provides necessary shade to keep you cool. If you get the roof right, you can also use it as a rain escape, enjoying the water splashing around you while you remain dry. But above all, a gazebo adds a design element to your deck that helps it become a focal point of your yard.

2) An Outside Fire Pit

Think fire pits and decks don’t go together? Think again. Centring a fire pit, particularly one with fire stones instead of log woods, into your deck means extending your outdoor entertainment and enjoyment into cool autumn nights. Arrange your seating around it to enjoy the warmth, roast marshmallows, and get that campfire atmosphere you loved so much as a kid.

3) Your Path to an Above-Ground Pool

Particularly if your yard is on an angle or slope, you likely won’t be able to build an in-ground pool. A deck can connect your home to your above-ground alternative, enabling you to jump in and get out – or simply enjoy the sun next to the water – easily and comfortably.

4 more deck design ideas are continued in part 2 – contact us

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