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Shower on Decking: The Hot New Trend in 2019 and Beyond


Hot New Trend for 2019

One of the biggest outdoor decor trends for 2019 is the move to bring the inside outside — to foster a deeper connection with the outdoors, connect over nature, and enjoy a pleasant, open outdoor experience with friends and families.

Many people are embracing the concept of having inside amenities brought outside. From the modest barbecue that has now become full outdoor kitchens, one of our favorite aspects of this trend is the outdoor shower.

Having an outdoor shower on decking contributes to a laid-back feel, has environmental appeal, is convenient for outdoor enthusiasts, and is surprisingly simple to install with the right equipment.

Why have a shower on your deck?

  • Convenience. If you have a pool outside your home, an outdoor shower on decking is an incredibly convenient way to rinse off on the go. And if you (or your kids) like to play sports outside, having a shower on decking is a great way to avoid dragging dirt and messes inside the home. If you spend any time whatsoever at the ocean or on the beach, an outdoor shower is necessary to de-sand before heading back inside.
  • Connection to nature. What could be more calming and relaxing than taking a shower on decking outside, at sunset or sunrise or even in the middle of the day? It’s an amazing way to reconnect with nature, ground yourself, and take advantage of a gorgeous outdoor space. A cool outdoor shower on a hot day? A warm shower during a crisp morning? Bliss.
  • Environmentally sound. Depending on groundwater rules where you live, filtering water from an outdoor shower directly back into your garden can be an incredible eco-sound alternative to a shower where the water is just directed to a wastewater plant. If this is what you’re going for, make sure that you check the grey water rules where you live and use only non-toxic soaps (if any).
  • Health. Did you know that a cold shower can actually improve circulation? And helps seal pores on skin? They can keep you feeling cold and prevent overheating if you’re working outside or running on a hot day. Aside from the physical benefits, spending time in nature is beneficial for mood and mental health.

When and where?

Because you need a base for your shower anywhere that can support adequate drainage, an outdoor deck is the perfect place for a shower. In addition, the deck’s proximity to your pre-existing plumbing makes it a way easier option than hooking up a shower far away from the house.

Protect your Privacy

It’s important to make sure that you choose a location on your deck that’s a little more sheltered and provides the greatest convenience. For example, it’s probably a better idea to have the shower on decking towards the edge rather than the center. If you have two decks and you’re choosing between the two, it’s best to choose one that gets the best sunlight, or one that’s closer to the pool (if you have one) for quick, easy rinse-offs. Have neighbors? Depending on your preferences, you may want to choose a location based on where you have hedges or fences up against neighbors.

Climate & the elements

It’s a good idea to consider the position of the sun when installing a shower on decking. Choosing a sunny location will create a more comfortable location, and also ensure that the shower dries out quicker between uses. Choosing the right exposure will also flood the shower with natural light. If you happen to live in an area or at an elevation where there’s any danger of a frost during the cold months, make sure that you adequately prepare ahead of time to avoid any plumbing or drainage issues.

What do you need to build an outdoor shower on decking?

Depending on what you’re going for, you’re going to need to consider several different options when it comes to your outdoor shower. You can go all-out on a resort style shower complete with changing room, hot water, and a seating area. Or you can go in the other direction towards a more rustic, minimalist approach.

Shower head & Water

Obviously, you’re going to need a shower head. Depending on the aesthetic you’re going for, this can be as fancy or as rustic as you’d like. Same goes for the water itself: if you’re going for a cold shower, you can just hook up your  shower head to your garden hose, which is then hooked up to an outdoor tap. For a hot shower, you probably need to talk to a plumber about setting up a hot water tap for outdoor use, right next to your cold water tap. You can also have a plumber install permanent fixed water lines specifically for your outdoor shower. Alternatively, there are solar showers and portable showers that are frequently used in the caravan and camping space that would be ideal for a shower on decking at home.


For drainage requirements, you might want to check the local building codes for where you live to find out what you can do with grey water. Here’s some insight into a couple different drainage options, according to Gardenista:

  • The simplest solution is just to drain grey water directly into your garden where it returns to the ecosystem.
  • A dry well below the deck, filled with soil, allows water to slowly distribute through the ground.
  • French drain diverts water away from your house through a simple channel a distance from your house.
  • The most sophisticated route is a fixed drain which will route water from the outdoor shower to collect with the other wastewater from your household.

Walls & Enclosures

In most cases, unless you’re installing a simple foot shower, you’re going to want to enclose your deck shower for privacy. For this, you can use a folding screen, a curtain, or a more elaborate wooden structure – depending on your aesthetic. Whatever you choose for your enclosure, make sure it’s a material that won’t easily succumb to mould or mildew

Waterproof decking

In addition to having proper drainage below the outdoor shower, you want to make sure that you’re using waterproof decking. With waterproof decking material like NexGEN’s Select Range of decking, you won’t have to worry about mould, rot, or water damage. You won’t have to worry about oiling or sealing this type of decking material, so you can spend less time maintaining and replacing decking and more time enjoying your perfect outdoor shower.

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If you’re ready to elevate the outdoor living space at your home, consider the possibilities of installing a shower on decking. It’s convenient, refreshing, and a lot of fun. We have you covered when it comes to maintenance free decking, so contact us if you’re ready to take the plunge into outdoor showering.

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